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Plastic Surgery Now Tax Deductible In Brazil

Brazil is hands-down the plastic surgery capital of the world. Now, tummy tucks, liposuction and breast implants as far back as 2004 are tax deductible in Brazil.

“We concluded that cosmetic surgeries are also about health, physical and mental, and should be included in the list of deductible expenses,” says Joaquim Adir, a tax boss in Brazil. Officials did the math and believe the income from the procedures will compensate for the loss of revenue in the returns.

In the U.S., the idea of taxing cosmetic procedures isn’t new concept, although they opted for the tanning-bed tax instead. States such as Connecticut charge a premium on plastic surgery, Washington and California have considered this 6.35 percent premium as well. Gary Smotrich, past president of the NJ Society of Plastic Surgeons worries that these taxes will drive away middle-class women who will travel out of state because of the taxes imposed, which can bring down revenue.

What do you think about Brazil’s tax deductions?

-Vernize Rios


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