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Retro Beauty Monday: Miss Lee Press on Nails

When you are a pop culture nerd like I am, then you’ll understand how easy it is to get commercial jingles stuck in your head. But when I woke up this morning, my brain was apparently caught in a late-1980s time warp.

Yup, the ENTIRE Miss Lee Press On Nails “rap” song was in my head. After a very brief search on YouTube, I was mortified to learn that I remembered all but one line of the song. I’ve posted the original commercial here for your viewing pleasure.

I admit it: I distinctly remember showing up to a birthday party in middle school sporting the Bubble Gum Miss Lee Press On nails. I came in with a full set of 10, but I lost a few during a rather heated game of Musical Chairs.

This 80s retro moment reminds us that our love of long, beautiful nails hasn’t waned over the past 20+ years, but thankfully, the artificial nail products we have at are disposal have vastly improved. Still, you’ve got to give kudos for Lee and other manicure-in-a-box companies, who definitely brought even more glam to the already glammed-out 80s.

Did you rock any Lee Press On nails during the 80s or 90s? What other nail styles do you remember? Share below.

–Barbara Bellesi


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