Spotlight On: Regency Beauty Institute

Spotlight On: Regency Beauty Institute

While many schools are independently owned, there are schools that are part of major chains or institutes. Regency Beauty Institute is one of them. With locations across the U.S., Regency is one of the largest chains of beauty schools around with lots of partner salons that help build relationships between stylists and salon owners for career services.

Regency focuses on professional development that teaches students about the business end of running a salon to techniques for building a loyal clientele. At Regency, you learn cosmetology from top to bottom. You’ll learn skin care, nails, and hair so you’ll be prepared to provide head-to-toe beauty services to a diverse clientele and gain a competitive edge. The teaching style encourages creativity in the beauty industry, teaching the fundamentals of cosmetology, and believing no two styles are the same.

Unique to Regency Beauty Institute, is the STAR (Student Training and Rewards) program. It’s almost like an old-school gold star system, but instead of erasers and stickers, students receive perks like pampering time, a flexible dress code, cool supplies and equipment, and more! All of this and a chic fashionable atmosphere with top-line tools.

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-Vernize Rios


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