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Summer Makeup: Foundation

Summer is just about here (thank goodness!). Time to head outside and soak up some Vitamin D. With extra sun exposure, there is the inevitable tan, and therefore, a change in makeup might be required. It took some time, but for me I found the perfect balance between winter foundations and summer foundations.

For winter, I use a liquid foundation that is true to my skin tone. No sparkle, just color. I use Clinique’s Even Better foundation. I get red really easily, so this foundation is great because it has a yellow bases which neutralizes the red.

Anyway, because I found such a great foundation through Clinique, I decided for summer I would do the same. I purchased Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder. And it was the best cosmetic purchase I ever made. In my experience, powder foundations are the way to go in the summer. They provide mess-free easy touch ups. Adding liquid foundation to an already oily face will creating caking, running and not so pretty close-ups.

Things to Remember When Purchasing Foundation:

-Whether you actively avoid sun exposure or not, the color of your skin is likely to change.

-Most skin types, especially oily, will get even oilier. Opt for matte-finish foundations.

-Be conscious of how your body reacts to the sun. Do you get freckles? Do you get red then tan? Do you burn and peel easily? This way you know what cleansers and lotions you need to use.

-Whichever foundation you decide, it has to have SPF. No exceptions!

Do you have a summer foundation? Let us know below!

-Vernize Rios

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