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9 Annoying Things Your Beautician Does

If I were to ask your beautician about all the annoying things she has to deal with on a daily basis, I’m sure the list would scroll on and on. That being said, however, our wonderfully loveable stylists can certainly drive us crazy, too. Let us count the ways…

1. Cuts too short

I have a theory that the word “trim” means something different to hair stylists than it does to their clients. If a “trim” means “just a little bit,” why does it seem like so many stylists take the appointment as an opportunity to put our hair on the chopping block? I know we need to cut enough to get rid of split ends and everything, but I still think something’s getting lost in translation.

2. Doesn’t cut short enough

With frequent trips to the barber, a man’s complaint is often the exact opposite: “I couldn’t get him to cut it short enough!” When using clippers, many barbers I’ve encountered seem scared to give someone a “number one” or, even riskier, to shave to the skin. What’s the deal? Do they just want to get us back in the chair every time we get a paycheck?

3. Breaks out the buzzer

When I lopped my hair off a few years ago, I was going for the Gwyneth Paltrow in “Sliding Doors” look: short, but not “boy” short. So I felt just fine when the strands started falling. I was not pleased, however, when the buzzer came out. Please, please do not buzz cut a woman’s hair unless you’re sure it’s the look she’s dying for. I may have a decently shaped head, but I’m no Sinead.

4. Asks if you want highlights every time you’re there

After a childhood as a dirty blonde, I emerged into adulthood with no goldilocks to speak of. A friend recently told me that my hair is, in fact, “monotone.” She meant it as a compliment, but I don’t think the rest of the world sees it that way. If brown isn’t boring (we’re not talking deep chestnut here), then why does my beautician ask me if I want highlights every time I go in for a trim?

5. Overbooks

When you find yourself waiting longer for your hair stylist than you do for your GYN, something is amiss. Whether it’s the fault of the salon’s or the stylist’s, overbooking is a common problem, but it can leave you with too much time on your hands to spend poring over those old hair magazines. One of these days, you might get so fed up you decide to try a walk-in salon…

6. Adds product to your hair without asking

It has taken years for my hairdresser to learn that I don’t like hairspray. This fascinates me. How difficult is it to ask someone if they want product in their hair? Maybe I’m alone here, and everyone else loves the stiff stuff. But I always feel silly leaving the salon with touch-me-not tresses when all I’m doing is running to the supermarket in my jeans and sneakers. There’s something to be said for knowing your clients.

7. Overshares and oversteps

Some of us are lucky enough to have found true confidantes in our stylist. We dish, they dish… it’s comfy cozy girl-talk time. Other times, though, it’s just not a good fit. Whether you’ve got the stylist who spills her guts or one who persists in probing into your personal life, you’re just not feeling the love. But how do you communicate your need for some peace and quiet without fear of your haircut turning into a hack job?

8. Ignores you

Then there are the stylists who do not wish to invade your personal space but still feel the need to attend to their own social needs while cutting your hair. From talking on the phone to chatting with the stylists or even the clients around you (sometimes in another language, which adds to the fun), you feel like the invisible fool. And you wonder, “Am I supposed to act like I’m part of the conversation, or should I look away? But where am I supposed to look?!”

9. Gives you the look she wants instead of the look you want

After going to beauty school and studying the trends, hopefully our stylists know their stuff. Maybe they even know what our hair will do better than we do. Still, don’t ask me what I want if you’re going to do whatever you want, anyway. If my idea really stinks, tell me why (politely, of course). And if you have no intention of doing what I want, or you have misgivings, please do me the courtesy of letting me know. It’s Communication 101, peeps.

Comment away: What’s the most annoying thing your beautician does?

–Robyn Tellefsen

Beauty on the Red Carpet: 83rd Annual Academy Awards Goes Au Naturel

Beauty fads come and go, but there’s one trend that will never go out of style – natural, healthy-looking skin. With more and more celebs going au naturel, the fresh-faced look, like the one Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Williams, and other celebrities donned at the 83rd annual Academy Awards ceremony, is shaping up to be a red-hot trend for 2011.

In fact, Benjamin Rousseau, national makeup artist for Lancôme, says that this awards season’s beauty trend is one of understated glamour. “The feel is more of a classic elegance rather than a strong, statement-making end result,” he tells Vogue UK. Rousseau, whose clients include Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, and Emma Watson, offers the following prescription for Oscar-worthy beauty:

LIPS: Nude or natural colors
CHEEKS: Touch of cheekbone-enhancing blush
EYES: Soft and smoky

How are the stars getting the coveted clean-and-clear skin needed to achieve a naturally beautiful look? Check out these tips from the International Spa Association (ISPA) about the beauty products and treatments favored by the hottest names around.

Celeb Beauty Picks
>> This year’s Best Actress nominees (Annette Bening, Nicole Kidman, and Natalie Portman) each scored an Award-Season Survival Kit courtesy of Murad. The kits include goodies like cleansing cream to remove makeup and exfoliate skin, moisturizer to achieve the luminous look, and dietary supplements to encourage sleep and boost cellular regeneration.

>> A-List actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez are opting for fruit-filled facial peels, which are designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and boost the skin’s natural radiance. J.Lo also loves SkinCeutical’s paraben-free mattifying fluid to protect her skin from sun damage.

>> Celebrity beauties like Katherine Heigl, Alicia Silverstone, and Jennie Garth are into Eminence Organics, a skin care line of all-natural products featuring scientific combinations of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Jessica Simpson is a fan of Jurlique products to moisturize, prep, and balance her skin before applying makeup.

>> Oscar-worthy beauty products cross gender lines, too. E! red carpet host Ryan Seacrest digs Skin 2 Skin Care products, which are staples of any red carpet makeup artist’s kit. The products are known for promoting collagen production and reducing puffiness with the help of antioxidants. The Herculean Kevin Sorbo loves Skin Authority, which is well-known for its products that reverse wrinkles and provide a natural eye-lift.

>> Even non-celebs can get star treatment at spas like Spa Montage Beverly Hills, which is currently offering the “Ultimate Pre-Red Carpet Spa Experience.” Those who indulge in the two- to three-day package benefit from an anti-aging facial, body sculpting therapy, a back facial, and a full-body wrap. You’ll even get luxury products to take home with you.

Maybe you won’t make it to the red carpet – this year. But with these tips from the top, you can’t say you weren’t prepared.

–Robyn Tellefsen

Hair Tool Recommendations From a Professional

Everyone should have their own set of beauty tools, whether they are a beauty professional or not. With just the right tool, you’ll be able to properly amp up your beauty routine and ensure that you’re really looking your best at all times. Read about what the artistic director of Empire Beauty Schools, Gina Pieper, has to recommend.

When updating your styling tools, what products do you recommend avoiding?
I recommend staying away from nylon bristle round brushes as they can start to melt and bend when they come in contact with heat. Using these types of brushes can cause your hair to tangle during your blowout causing split ends and breakage. Also, I recommend staying away from nonionic blow dryers because they are extremely damaging to your hair. Avoid using a blow dryer that is more than 15 years old as it may even contain asbestos, which was formerly used as a heat resistant material in the power cord.

What kind of technology is used in these news tools and how does that help hair styling?
An ionic blow dryer is faster and leaves your hair shinier and healthier than the traditional blow dryer. It emits millions of charged particles called ions that bond to your hair, breaking down moisture molecules without frying your hair like the old blow dryers do. The Thermoceramic brushes produce more consistent heat for your hair which is less damaging and smoothes the cuticle, minimizing breakage and split ends. The boar bristles on brushes help smooth the hair strands individually for added shine and protection.

What are two must-have hair styling tools that stylists need to have right now?
Right now I love the big and sexy tousled curl trend! Having the newest hot rollers is a must; I recommend The Babyliss Pro Ceramic and Ionic Hair Setter as my choice of tool to accomplish this style. Stick straight hair is becoming a thing of the past, but having the right flat iron to twist some locks into a sassy wave is without a doubt a necessity. I love the Babyliss Diamond Titanium Flat Iron because it leaves the hair soft and shiny.

What are two must-have hair styling tools that consumers need to have right now?
A great “cheater tool” for someone that is not a professional is the InStyler ( I also recommend having a professional ionic blow dryer at home to avoid damaging your hair everyday.

As a hairstylist, what are the newest hair styling tools that you love?
I just became a big fan of the Denman Thermoceramic Straightening Brush, and Denman Thermoceramic Bristle Radial Brush. I recommend using them with an ionic blow dryer; I use the Babyliss Diamond Titanium.

-Empire Beauty Schools

A Capitol Hill Makeover

Even the political scene likes to get a little makeover once in a while. Last week marked the 10th annual Welcome To Our World event, hosted by the Professional Beauty Federation (PBF) on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. And while members of Congress get to be pampered on this evening, some of the most important political issues facing the beauty industry are also brought to light. Let’s just say, it’s like ironing two birds with one flat iron.

According to the PBF, the beauty industry is a $60 billion industry that has limited qualified individuals to meet the demand they face. In fact, the shortage is about 3:1 — the demand is three times greater than the supply of qualified individuals. For this reason, it is paramount that the beauty industry have representation and fairness in taxation and other issues so that more individuals will feel confident in entering the beauty workforce.

Facing the beauty industry this year are important issues, such as inclusion in H.R. 3724 — the Small Business Tax Equalization and Compliance Act. With this, salon owners could claim a tax credit for FICA taxes they pay on the tips of their employees (similar to what restaurants already have). Another big issue is access to beauty education and giving students the option to choose the programs that meet their own needs and career goals.

Beauty volunteers that included hair stylists, nail technicians, massage therapists, makeup artists, and others were on hand to give over 600 members of Congress (plus their key staffers) a little beauty treatment. This was the perfect way to engage Capitol Hill in an industry that dedicates itself to helping other people and have them see what their supporters do on a daily basis.

-Amanda Fornecker

Popular Beauty Schools

Beauty Boot Camp

Attention! Whether you’re a beauty professional or a beauty fanatic, a trip to Beauty Boot Camp may be in order to get you into tip-top shape! No, I’m not talking jumping jacks and pushups, I’m talking skin advice, makeup tips, and ways to improve your daily regimen to always look your best.

The Boot Camps take place across the country throughout the month of November and are meant to be affordable for the everyday individual to check out. Celeste Hilling is the CEO of Skin Authority, the company sponsoring the Boot Camps. She is also a healthy skin lifestyle expert. Says Hilling: “The Boot Camps are mini vacations that offer lasting benefits for very little money. In fact, for less than the cost of four people going to McDonald’s, the Boot Camps teach the skills to go from drab to glam in 30 days.”

From the beauty-challenged to the beauty-obsessed, you’re sure to learn something that can take you to the next step within the beauty industry. Beauty professionals may learn things they can take back to their clients, while the everyday beauty can ask questions and be helped along their path to beauty success.

For more information, check out the Skin Authority.

-Amanda Fornecker