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From Beauty Friends to Beauty Partners

Sometimes it’s those around you that can truly influence and inspire you. And you may find these individuals in beauty school. Take Melanie Zagar and Liz Hofrichter, for instance. These two present-day beauty salon owners met in beauty school and now they have turned what once was a dream into a reality.

When you participate in a specialized program, whether it be beauty school, grad school, or some other career school program, you are surrounded with people who are passionate. This is why I believe that beauty school — or any school you are interested in — is completely worth it.

This is especially true if you are passionate about the material. Having just enrolled in grad school myself, I understand the joy, motivation, and hard work that can come out of studying something you’re passionate about. I see this surround me with my fellow students, professors, and department heads.

And it’s not only in grad school. Career-focused programs are filled with individuals who truly want to be there. While you may have the required slow course or two, you’re still working toward something you really want to take to the next level. And it is here that you will be working with individuals who have been successful in their very field and wish to pass on their knowledge from over the years to you, the aspiring beauty professionals.

I know I’ve said it countless times, but there are so many advantages to pursuing your beauty passion. Not only does beauty school give you the flexibility, shorter programs, and real-world experience, but you’ll also find dedicated faculty and lifelong friends. And in the case of Zagar and Hofrichter (you can read more about their friendship-turned-partnership here), a business partner that can help you achieve your success. You just need to want it badly enough.

-Amanda Fornecker

Beauty Professionals are Surveyed

Nothing is more sought out than the advice a beauty professional can dish out to his or her clients. This is why it is so important for these professionals to know the best techniques for any beauty routine. Recently Empire Education Group surveyed some of their cosmetology students to get their opinions on different beauty routine topics.

The cosmetology students at Empire were asked to give their opinions on styling, eyebrow removal techniques, nail enhancements, and more. The results of this survey may or may not surprise you, but knowing how these students responded may just help you with future client consultations.
Makeup Brush
The results of this survey were as follows:

  1. 66 percent of students stated that the biggest styling mistake a person can make is not using enough styling products.
  2. 59 percent said that the most difficult hairstyle to complete at home is an updo.
  3. 74 percent said that the eyebrow removal technique that lasts the longest is hot wax.
  4. 56 percent said that people with sensitive skin should not use any type of exfoliator.
  5. 61 percent declared that nail enhancements are always in style.
  6. 54 percent said that makeup brushes are the absolute most necessary tools to have in your makeup bag.

For more information on Empire Education Group and how to get your start as a beauty professional at one of their schools, click here.

Priscilla Rodriguez