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Big Names In Beauty Education

Attending a cosmetology or beauty school offers a way to learn from the experts and to position yourself for a successful career in the beauty industry.

Some of the big names in the beauty business are instantly recognizable to those seeking a beauty career and individuals who have seen products on store shelves or in salons. Some schools are more than 100 years old, although their beauty hasn’t faded.

Here’s a look at five big names in beauty education.

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Salon Services at Beauty Schools

A major part of beauty school is on-the-job training. There is only so long you can practice on a mannequin head! It may seem very scary for students to begin working on their first real clients, but with some close supervision, and a waiver signed by the client, beauty school students are ready to get to work.

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How to NOT Become a Beauty School Dropout

Cosmetology school can be a lot of fun, but you have to remember it is like any other teaching institution. It requires work and dedication and beauty school instructors are just like any other teachers. They take their jobs seriously and expect students to take their studies seriously as well.

A cosmetology school student’s tools are super important. You must arrive to class prepared, every day — no exceptions. When arriving to class, make sure you are on time and ready to work. Lots of times in beauty school, instructors pair you up. Your partner can be anyone from your new BFF to that person you can’t stand. Always remember to keep personal issues out of the beauty school classroom (any classroom, for that matter). People want to learn and your giggling (or bickering) can become a distraction — especially when working with potentially harmful chemicals.

Beauty school can certainly be fun, but it’s serious business, since it can lead to your future business and livelihood! Everyone is there to learn and grow as cosmetologist, which brings up to another important aspect of beauty school — networking. Make sure to keep good relationships with fellow classmates during and after cosmetology school. You never know who you might bump into in the future — they could just end up being your co-worker one day. Even instructors could turn into employers.

Do you have a beauty school success story? Tell us below!

-Vernize Rios

Beauty Schools on YouTube

When it comes to learning more about beauty and wellness, a quick search on YouTube does not disappoint. Today’s adventure: a journey through some of the most informative and engaging beauty school videos around. Grab some popcorn and come along for the ride…

Massage Therapy School

Experience relaxation just by watching this video from Angela Lind, a mobile massage therapist in South Florida. Enjoy soothing music and images while you learn about the benefits of therapeutic massage and neuromuscular therapy and the importance of posture. You’ll also gain insight into what massage can accomplish that chiropractics cannot. And don’t be surprised if you get turned on to in-home massage – an appealing concept for therapists and clients alike!

Beauty School

This news segment explores how the beauty industry has been affected by the changing economy, with reports of sky-high beauty school enrollment. Watch interviews with laid-off workers getting a “career makeover” as cosmetology students at Empire Beauty School in Indianapolis. It’s truly a recession-proof industry – everyone needs a haircut, right? The video also highlights the trend of customers frequenting beauty schools for haircuts, facials, and waxing services.

Hair Design

Tune into Fox 35 News in Orlando for some fabulous makeovers done by celebrity stylist Ted Gibson of TLC’s “What Not to Wear” fame. Check out the before and after shots of the two cosmetology students as well as Ted’s tips on making hair shiny, sexy, and smooth. You can also learn a bit about Beauty Changes Lives, a nonprofit initiative designed to raise awareness of how careers in the hair, beauty, and wellness industry transform lives.

Esthetics / Skin Care

If you have any inclination toward a career in esthetics, watch this interview with Tara Sissel, an aesthetics and laser expert and instructor at National Laser Institute. She talks about how she got into the field, and how her income almost quadrupled when she began offering laser services like photofacials to her clients. She also discusses the importance of solid esthetics training to become truly confident and competent in a skin care career.

Holistic Health

Given all the people now looking outside the mainstream for help with their medical problems – reportedly, nearly half of all Americans are using some form of alternative medicine – this PBS Nightly Business Report highlights the booming field of complementary and alternative medicine. The boom is drawing the attention of federal researchers, which, in turn, is bringing more mainstream acceptance to the field. If ever there was a time to explore a career in holistic medicine, this is it.

Cosmetology School

This video, presented by the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, offers a quick look at the many opportunities available in the beauty industry, from esthetics to makeup to hair design. Listen to current students talk about their experiences in cosmetology school and their career aspirations, and get inspired to go to beauty school and pursue your passion.

-Robyn Tellefsen

Foundation 101: How to NOT Have a Face Makeup Freak-out

Foundation is a beauty purchase that has stumped women for ages.  Even beauty know-it-alls have foundation freakouts!

Finding the right foundation is hard. It is also difficult to take advice from friends because everyone’s skin is so different and there are so many options. From brands to powders to liquids and everything in between, it’s sure to make your head spin.

There are aspects to foundation that to the untrained eye are undetectable but can aid in your foundation decision-making. Foundations are composed of tints, oils, fragrances, and more.  Did you know foundations have base tints of red, black, yellow, even blue? Or that fragrances are added to foundations to create an aromatherapy effect?

Yes, indeed — makeup artists are like scientists so the next time you get your makeup professionally done, pay attention to how they approach the foundation issue. As a makeup artist myself, the knowledge I’ve gained in training went far beyond how to apply liquid eyeliner. We mix, measure, blend, sniff, and touch different cosmetics until we find the perfect concoction to create gorgeous applications. Formal training allows an aspiring makeup artist to learn not only how to apply, but why to apply it and where to apply it.

A successful career in makeup artistry or any beauty related career begins with training. When the options are boundless, it’s always good to have some direction.

-Vernize Rios