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Carnival of Beauty Smarts: The Oscar After Party – 2nd Edition

Welcome to the second edition of the carnival of Beauty Smarts! Did you watch the Oscars on Sunday night? Did your faves take home the coveted award? More importantly, what are your picks for best- and worst-dressed celebrities?

After a long night of watching the Oscars, this edition examines the concept of dressing to impress and really taking beauty to the next level. Take note of some of the following techniques in order to hide the fact that you were partying it up all night long! And see our award-worthy picks in each of these beauty categories…

For Excellence in Makeup…
Sometimes makeup can define a whole character in a movie. The Joker, anyone? So it’s absolutely paramount to get just the right person with just the right amount of beauty experience and makeup training to work on such Oscar-nominated films. But in everyday situations, we can all use a few tips on getting what we want and need out of our makeup applications. Below, I present to you some interesting techniques that you may not have thought to try before.

And our nominees are…
Camille Kruse presents Under Eye Circles and Puffiness, posted at Skincarelogic’s Blog, giving us “easy-to-understand information and news in the world of skin care!”

There are lots of things that can cause puffy eyes. It happens at all stages of life, according to Aparna, who presents us with Puff out puffy eyes in Beauty and Personality Grooming.

And for a trick you may not have thought of before, check out A’s My Latest Eye Combo at Makeup Lovers Anonymous.

The Oscar for Hair Goes To…
Hair is oh-so-important, especially at the Oscars. Those celebs are certainly critiqued from head to toe, so hairstyles are oftentimes paramount to the success of a best-dressed actress. There are lots of ways to style hair, but what’s the best way? For some tricks-of-the trade, check out the following hair blogs.

And our nominees are…
At our very own blog, A Minute with SpaBeautySchools, I talk about the importance of my hairdresser. She’s just amazing and a very important person in my life! Read more in Ode to a Hairdresser.

Terry presents a similar sentiment toward building relationships with your hairdresser in Beauty posted at New Hair Styles For Women.

Did you know that using eggs in your hair can help your appearance? Bri’anne Smith does. In Brianne’s Blog, we learn how to Be An Egg Head (Its great for your hair!). This comes from a professional hairdresser!

Blonde can often be a difficult color to go to, depending on your hair type. Karen Marie Shelton writes about how to Banish Blonde Hair Brassiness at

Everyone Can Be a Skin Winner…
One of the most important aspects of beauty, to me, is skin care. Some people need to work at skin care more than others, depending on their skin type. Others may have it a little easier. In any case, the possibilities in this field are endless for both estheticians and for those performing self-remedying treatments at home. Learn how to get flawless skin in some of the following blogs.

And our nominees are…
Got the wintertime skin blues? Rachel Ferrucci presents us with How to Deal with Winter Itch in Touch’d. Here, she explains a variety of methods to nix that nasty dry skin!

What are AHAs and why are they particularly good for your skin? Sheena explores the answers to this topic in The Benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids at Spa Girl Beauty Tips.

Moisturizing, cleansing, and using natural remedies to keep your skin as healthy-looking as possible are all important subjects that Julie takes on in her blog, Healthtrition Beauty and Health. Daily Skin Care Tips will help you in your everyday routine.

Do you love strawberries? Then you might really enjoy Julena’s blog on Make Your Own Organic Skin Care — With Strawberry! posted at Organic Makeup and Skin Care.


We think all these blog entries are stellar, but which is your favorite? Go check ’em out now and pick up a few tips along the way. Get your dose of Beauty Smarts to learn what you need to know to stay fresh.

-Amanda Fornecker

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Carnival of Beauty Smarts: The Mind, Body & Soul – 1st Edition

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the very first edition of the Beauty Smarts Blog Carnival! This isn’t just about beauty and spa education. We’ve compiled some of the best blog submissions out there about all kinds of beauty and spa topics — from winter skin care tips and snake massages (yes, snakes!) to some mini makeovers and top beauty tricks (we love us a good trick!).

This first edition of’s Beauty Smarts is entitled “Mind, Body, and Soul” because all of you beautiful contributors and readers embody strengths in all of these categories! Enjoy this first edition of Beauty Smarts and be sure to enter your own blog posts for future editions.

Strengthen your mind at beauty school to get all the firsthand tips you need to succeed in the beauty industry. It’s more than just going through the motions. It’s about experience, learning, and forming your very own practices with clients. Here, you’ll find some beauty school news and tips.

Karen Marie Shelton presents Cosmetology School Insider Tips posted at, giving eight tips and pieces of advice to those who may be considering the cosmetology school route. She presents herself with this question: “If I could ‘do it all over again’ and hit rewind to Day One of Beauty School, what would I do differently?”

In Cutting Out Domestic Violence, posted at our very own A Minute With SpaBeautySchools, Robyn Tellefsen tells us what beauty schools are teaching to be sure their students are prepared for the real world. Students are actually being trained to learn how to recognize signs of domestic abuse in their clients. What a great initiative!

Who doesn’t want to know the best ways to keep up their appearance? From hair to makeup to skin care, there’s a lot to manage on a day-to-day basis to stay beautiful. Here, you’ll find a variety of different tips, products, and general info that can help catapult you to the top of the beauty charts!

What’s So Important About Exfoliation Anyway?, asks Meredith Edwards-Cornwall at Daily Dose of Coffee. There is much to know about exfoliating, including different methods to incorporate into your daily beauty routine. Find out what might be best for your skin type.

Similarly, “A” of the Makeup Lovers tells us about her favorite exfoliating product at Makeup Lovers Anonymous in Clarisonic and Clean. With just the right product, you can really improve your skin quality and the way you feel.

Makeup is always something that a lot of girls are interested in, but not everyone knows which products to use and when to use them. Jenny Muller helps the makeup-challenged along in Beauty and the Blog. To get some fun looks she presents Malibu Makeover: Get the Barbie Look and WATCH IT: Smoky Eye in 3 Steps. See if you can recreate these looks.

When the weather outside is frightful, check out Cold Weather Skin Care Tips, presented at Healthtrition Beauty and Health. Here, Julie tells us how to prevent dry skin and what we should avoid in order to stay healthy and keep that skin glowing.

Lots of people wonder about the hair removal process and in Permanent Hair Removal: How Permanent Is It? posted at, Joseph breaks down the real meaning, while telling us the various methods that exist to complete this beauty technique.

Do you or someone you know suffer from adult acne? Camille Kruse gives us a look at this skin care issue in her blog Adult Acne… A Rising Concern! posted at Skincarelogic’s Blog.

Kate presents a look at her top beauty tips in Beauty Tricks and Secrets posted at Advice on Love, Life, and Everything Between, while Josanne Anthony gives us some hair advice in Lovely Locks! at Everyday Cupcake.

Looking for some posts that’ll soothe your soul? This section of our Beauty Smarts carnival features spa and green stories aimed to calm you, make you feel better, or help you along the soul-searching path.

Everyone likes to go to the spa, but there are some quite out-of-the-ordinary spa experiences that you may have never even considered. In our blog, A Minute With SpaBeautySchools, we present to you A Slithery Spa Massage and A New Day Spa – For Kids?!. The titles speak for themselves…

It’s only natural to have some kind of day-to-day challenge and for some this beauty challenge may be dark circles. How can this be corrected, you may ask? Aparna presents Natural remedies for dark circles around your eyes posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming, saying, “Let’s just debunk some of the myths as well as unearth some of the facts about the causes of those ‘panda eyes.'”

Julena gives us an “honest and detailed review of organic skin care products by Body Deli” in Organic Skin Care Perks – The Body Deli posted at Organic Makeup and Skin Care, while Sheena breaks down parabens in beauty products in The Difference Between Natural and Organic Beauty Products on her Spa Girl Beauty Tips blog.

Does the Fountain of Youth exist? Chris & Chat explore staying young in The Fountain of Youth posted at Chris & Chat Spa and Facial Care Center.

And don’t forget how good sleep is for the soul. That’s what Natalie Fox focuses on in How to have a perfect skin by adapting good sleeping habits in her blog, All Sleep Info. Here, Natalie talks about these issues, and gives us three tips for sleep to help you have healthy and young skin.

Finally, for your MIND, BODY, and SOUL, check out Danelle Ice’s great blog on Don’t Look Like a Tired Mom: 13 Quick Mini Makeovers. And these tips, hosted on Homemaker Barbi, can be applied to just about anyone! She says, “Here are 13 surefire ways to wake up your look when your energy levels are less than full.”

This concludes the first edition of Beauty Smarts. We hope you enjoyed this collection of advice, tips, and ideas to heal your Mind, Body, and Soul. We had some great submissions this time so let’s keep sharing this great info to help all readers get and stay beautiful!

Thanks for reading!

-Amanda Fornecker

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I’m on a Beauty Trip

I’m going on a trip. And it seems that all I’ve been doing is scrambling around like a chicken without a head! When I really sit down and think about it, though, I realize how much of my trip revolves around getting my beauty on.

– My mani/pedi is an essential before I go on any trip or go to a big event. Why? I want to look and feel my best. I want to be pretty. And I like to stay groomed! When choosing which salon I’ll go to, I need to think of a few factors: cost (because we are in a recession), efficiency (I really would like the best nail technicians I can find), speed (I might have to go right before my flight), and location (I’ll save my traveling for my trip, thank you very much).

– I need to get my hair done in the weeks leading up to my trip. I like to say goodbye to my split ends and hello to healthy hair.

– A new wardrobe (or some new things) is completely essential. I want to be able to have a fresh trip with brand new things. I mean, my whole wardrobe can’t be new, but it’s nice to put some new things on when you are away. It’s great for the pictures and fun for me both before my trip (I get to go shopping), during my trip (I have new things to wear), and after my trip (I still have new clothes to enhance my wardrobe).

– Depending on where I’m going and what I plan to do when I am on my trip, I might need to consider what kind of makeup I bring with me. For nights out, smoky eyes might be best. If I am going to some exotic location, I might use bright colors and sparkles.

Wherever my destination, I need to consider all of these things. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because you never know when you’ll have a close-up. Or perhaps I just have a need to look my best at all times. But one thing is certainly for sure, preparing for a trip is great beauty-wise because I have a fabulous excuse to go shopping!

-Amanda Fornecker

Take This Beauty Advice

When choosing a career it is so important to have some good information before you make a final decision. The best way to get this information may be to talk with those who have already been through this path. In Beauty Industry Bigwigs Share Their Secrets… a few different individuals who have made their way to the top give advice and share insight on what you need to know.

Take these beauty professionals’ words into account as you ponder what you would like to do with your future. Maybe then, you’ll be able to get a little more direction and help in your decision-making process. And don’t forget to talk to different schools about their programs. You can request some free information from beauty schools here. Good luck!

-Amanda Fornecker

Thinking Outside the Beauty Box

We’ve all heard about those career switchers – getting bored with one job; longing for another. But what if I said you could improve your quality of life with an upgrade? You don’t necessarily need to change your career entirely – you might just want to add to it. Take these famous examples, for instance.

Famous name: Trina Turk
Job title: Wardrobe designer
New endeavor: Turk has attached her name to the Clinique brand and has a collection with them now. Those who are already following her clothes line can get to their local Clinique counter for a taste of her influence on the popular cosmetic line.

Famous name: David Yurman
Job title: Jewelry designer
New endeavor: Bringing his upscale jeweled background to the table, Yurman has created a rich fragrance that appeals to the woman’s sense of smell.

Famous name: Heidi Klum
Job title: Supermodel
New endeavor: For the second year in a row, Klum has partnered with the company that catapulted her to fame – Victoria’s Secret. She has created a beauty collection that is a limited holiday edition of lipstick, eyeliner, and blush.

Famous name: Emanuel Ungaro
Job title: French couture and haute designer
New endeavor: Ungaro has teamed up with Mac Cosmetics to form his very own line of Mac cosmetic products. His collection look: classic black cases with his name splashed across the front in hot pink.

While these celebs may have had a bit more help because of their famous names, it is certainly something to think about. You can start in one field and just expand within the same area. If you think outside of the box you’re more likely to get what you want and be successful because it is the idea that has yet to be discovered or acted upon that will help you really have the beauty career of your dreams.

-Amanda Fornecker