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The Steady Growth of Beauty Schools

The economy may be quickly shrinking, but that doesn’t mean that all businesses are suffering. In fact, beauty schools are doing a pretty good job of staying afloat during this tough economic crisis, as more and more beauty-obsessed individuals ditch the cubicle for the beauty salon classroom in a variety of beauty school concentrations.

I’ve always had a love of makeup. And I think this economy has kick-started those who have felt the same way — into a new career where they can pursue their passion and make a different life for themselves. While they may be changing their paycheck just a bit (cosmetologists average between $30,000 and $48,000 before tips, according to the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, AACS), they are pursuing something that can have a large payout in the long run, especially if they own their own salon or spa.

Take this recent NY Times article, for instance. It’s interesting to see all the beauty school professionals talking about beauty school popularity. Lynelle Lynch of Bellus Academy says in the article, “The industry is much more sophisticated than it once was.” This is definitely true as I believe the industry has moved away from the negative stigma that once was associated with the beauty industry. It takes a quite skilled, creative, and dedicated individual to pursue a beauty career. And an even more daring person to change careers entirely.

Beauty school isn’t just about the particular trade you’re about to study. It’s also about getting a well-rounded education that will give you the skills to really go out and conduct business. Classes in ethics and business practices are generally included in a curriculum that also emphasizes the history and chemistry of your desired profession. It’s quite a diverse field and students work hard to learn both on paper in the classroom and on mannequins (and eventually people) in the salon.

The NYT article also brings to light the fact that beauty schools are increasing in locations and enrollment:

At this time in 2008, Bellus Academy had 180 students; today it has 240. The number of students at Empire Beauty Schools, which has 89 locations, was up 17 percent from April 2008 to April 2009; enrollment at Paul Mitchell Schools, with 91 locations, increased 14 percent from May 2008 to May 2009.

Additionally, the AACS suggests that this is a wide open field. In fact, in January 2007, there were practically 1.7 million individuals employed in the beauty industry. And it continues to grow. “Salon owners reported 484,660 job openings were filled during 2006,” says the AACS. “This represents an average of 1.3 openings per salon. Nearly 40 percent of all new positions were filled by inexperienced workers.”

This all just goes to show how many opportunities exist within the beauty industry. There is lots of potential to get the job you desire. If you’ve always had a passion for beauty careers then maybe it’s time to consider the career change. Schedules are flexible so continuing to work and taking night classes is certainly possible. You just need to find the right school for you. Let us help you begin your search and even do some research about some of these accredited programs.

-Amanda Fornecker

Popular Beauty Schools

Revamping a Beauty Career

The San Jose Mercury News just did a piece about a woman who had a dream. Aude Andrade dreamed of being an elementary school teacher, but when she came to America from Mexico, her education was abruptly put on hold. She finally decided to go to beauty school and make a career for herself — a beauty career that she has worked in for more than 25 years. About a year ago she began working on her dream in a slightly modified version. She started teaching her cosmetology craft to aspiring students. And now, she’s opening her very own school — the Watsonville Institute of Cosmetology (Watsonville, Calif.) — where common cosmetology classes are taught in both English and Spanish.

I love these kinds of stories. Although Andrade didn’t do exactly what she set out to do all those years ago and ended up in a beauty career, she was able to take her original dream and turn it into reality down the road. She modified her beauty career into something more meaningful to her and is now passing down her knowledge to help those who aspire within the field of cosmetology.

Continuing with the fresh new start to a new year kind of theme, why not resolve to do something you love? It’s different for everyone, but maybe it’s modifying your current career by taking additional classes. Or maybe you want to start something completely different and more stable in a currently unstable economy. Whatever your reasoning may be, might 2009 be the year for you to make a big career decision? You’re the only one who can answer that for sure, but as I always say, go for it and make your dreams a reality!

-Amanda Fornecker

Thinking Outside the Beauty Box

We’ve all heard about those career switchers – getting bored with one job; longing for another. But what if I said you could improve your quality of life with an upgrade? You don’t necessarily need to change your career entirely – you might just want to add to it. Take these famous examples, for instance.

Famous name: Trina Turk
Job title: Wardrobe designer
New endeavor: Turk has attached her name to the Clinique brand and has a collection with them now. Those who are already following her clothes line can get to their local Clinique counter for a taste of her influence on the popular cosmetic line.

Famous name: David Yurman
Job title: Jewelry designer
New endeavor: Bringing his upscale jeweled background to the table, Yurman has created a rich fragrance that appeals to the woman’s sense of smell.

Famous name: Heidi Klum
Job title: Supermodel
New endeavor: For the second year in a row, Klum has partnered with the company that catapulted her to fame – Victoria’s Secret. She has created a beauty collection that is a limited holiday edition of lipstick, eyeliner, and blush.

Famous name: Emanuel Ungaro
Job title: French couture and haute designer
New endeavor: Ungaro has teamed up with Mac Cosmetics to form his very own line of Mac cosmetic products. His collection look: classic black cases with his name splashed across the front in hot pink.

While these celebs may have had a bit more help because of their famous names, it is certainly something to think about. You can start in one field and just expand within the same area. If you think outside of the box you’re more likely to get what you want and be successful because it is the idea that has yet to be discovered or acted upon that will help you really have the beauty career of your dreams.

-Amanda Fornecker