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Big Names In Beauty Education

Attending a cosmetology or beauty school offers a way to learn from the experts and to position yourself for a successful career in the beauty industry.

Some of the big names in the beauty business are instantly recognizable to those seeking a beauty career and individuals who have seen products on store shelves or in salons. Some schools are more than 100 years old, although their beauty hasn’t faded.

Here’s a look at five big names in beauty education.

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Empire Beauty Schools 8th Annual Future Professionals Competition


Every year Hershey, Pennsylvania is known for more than just its delicious chocolate! Empire Beauty Schools hosts an annual Future Professionals Competition and Expo featuring prizes, career networking and bragging rights! About 2,000 students and staff from Empire Beauty Schools nationwide gathered for a fun-filled weekend toward the end of May for the 8th annual event.

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Salon Services at Beauty Schools

A major part of beauty school is on-the-job training. There is only so long you can practice on a mannequin head! It may seem very scary for students to begin working on their first real clients, but with some close supervision, and a waiver signed by the client, beauty school students are ready to get to work.

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Spring Fever: Professional Tips

Spring has certainly sprung across many states throughout the country, which brings a longing to get out of the house more and show off some of your latest fashions and beauty treatments. Here, Gina Pieper of Empire Beauty Schools, has just the kind of professional Spring tips to take advantage of the hottest trends and get heads turning!

What are some spring makeup trends that you suggest trying this season?
Spring time is the season to try new things – specifically pastel colors are a huge trend this spring. You can’t go wrong with the intense pastel eye shadow colors – like MAKE UP FOR EVER Diamond Pink, Diamond Turquoise or Diamond Purple. I recommend stopping in at your favorite make up counter and trying out a pastel shade you have never tried before that goes with your skin tone and see what you think. In addition, pastel colored manicures are going to be everywhere, especially lilacs and creamy minty greens!

Is there a particular look or product you’d suggest trying for lips?
A perfect sheer, barely there lipstick that pairs well with pastel colors is Viva Las Vegas by NARS – it’s one of my favorites! It complements all skin tones and lends a great finish to the lips.

What is a must-have makeup item for spring?
If I had to pick one thing for you to try for this spring, it would be HD Powder. I like HD Microfinish Powder by MAKE UP FOR EVER and E.L.F Cosmetics also makes a great new HD Powder. HD Powder completely evens out your complexion for a drop dead gorgeous, flawless finish. It works on all skin tones to help hide any imperfections and gives a soft-focus look.

What are two spring hair trends you suggest trying?
If you are looking for a different style this spring, I recommend trying the beachy wave. For this look, curl your entire head of hair in spiral curls that are loose on the top and loose on the ends. For some pieces, don’t curl the ends in order to get that fun, messy, beachy look! Another easy spring hair trend to try is adding a flower above your ear or even above a side ponytail in the back. When wearing a side ponytail, it should be sassy, so make sure it has a lot of texture. You can curl it and even backcomb it to add body and place at the nape of the neck for a flirty look.

As a hairstylist, what are your thoughts on getting hair extensions for the season?
This spring hair extensions are definitely in, but if you’ve been watching TV recently, (I won’t name any names) there are some pretty fake looking extension applications! I really like the look of Fusion extensions. I recommend getting human hair so you can style it with your flat iron or curling iron. I recently had some extensions glued in and they looked great, but they only lasted about a week until they started to feel uncomfortable. When spending money on human hair extensions, don’t try to glue them in at home because it can result in breakage, and just look really BAD! If you are looking for a good deal, check out a reputable beauty school near you, Empire Beauty School has 100 different locations, and the students are very talented!

-Empire Beauty Schools

Hair Tool Recommendations From a Professional

Everyone should have their own set of beauty tools, whether they are a beauty professional or not. With just the right tool, you’ll be able to properly amp up your beauty routine and ensure that you’re really looking your best at all times. Read about what the artistic director of Empire Beauty Schools, Gina Pieper, has to recommend.

When updating your styling tools, what products do you recommend avoiding?
I recommend staying away from nylon bristle round brushes as they can start to melt and bend when they come in contact with heat. Using these types of brushes can cause your hair to tangle during your blowout causing split ends and breakage. Also, I recommend staying away from nonionic blow dryers because they are extremely damaging to your hair. Avoid using a blow dryer that is more than 15 years old as it may even contain asbestos, which was formerly used as a heat resistant material in the power cord.

What kind of technology is used in these news tools and how does that help hair styling?
An ionic blow dryer is faster and leaves your hair shinier and healthier than the traditional blow dryer. It emits millions of charged particles called ions that bond to your hair, breaking down moisture molecules without frying your hair like the old blow dryers do. The Thermoceramic brushes produce more consistent heat for your hair which is less damaging and smoothes the cuticle, minimizing breakage and split ends. The boar bristles on brushes help smooth the hair strands individually for added shine and protection.

What are two must-have hair styling tools that stylists need to have right now?
Right now I love the big and sexy tousled curl trend! Having the newest hot rollers is a must; I recommend The Babyliss Pro Ceramic and Ionic Hair Setter as my choice of tool to accomplish this style. Stick straight hair is becoming a thing of the past, but having the right flat iron to twist some locks into a sassy wave is without a doubt a necessity. I love the Babyliss Diamond Titanium Flat Iron because it leaves the hair soft and shiny.

What are two must-have hair styling tools that consumers need to have right now?
A great “cheater tool” for someone that is not a professional is the InStyler (http://getinstyler.com/). I also recommend having a professional ionic blow dryer at home to avoid damaging your hair everyday.

As a hairstylist, what are the newest hair styling tools that you love?
I just became a big fan of the Denman Thermoceramic Straightening Brush, and Denman Thermoceramic Bristle Radial Brush. I recommend using them with an ionic blow dryer; I use the Babyliss Diamond Titanium.

-Empire Beauty Schools