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The History of the Braid: A Twisted Tale [Infographic]

Intrigued about where braids came from? Of course you are….

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Beauty Schools on YouTube

When it comes to learning more about beauty and wellness, a quick search on YouTube does not disappoint. Today’s adventure: a journey through some of the most informative and engaging beauty school videos around. Grab some popcorn and come along for the ride…

Massage Therapy School

Experience relaxation just by watching this video from Angela Lind, a mobile massage therapist in South Florida. Enjoy soothing music and images while you learn about the benefits of therapeutic massage and neuromuscular therapy and the importance of posture. You’ll also gain insight into what massage can accomplish that chiropractics cannot. And don’t be surprised if you get turned on to in-home massage – an appealing concept for therapists and clients alike!

Beauty School

This news segment explores how the beauty industry has been affected by the changing economy, with reports of sky-high beauty school enrollment. Watch interviews with laid-off workers getting a “career makeover” as cosmetology students at Empire Beauty School in Indianapolis. It’s truly a recession-proof industry – everyone needs a haircut, right? The video also highlights the trend of customers frequenting beauty schools for haircuts, facials, and waxing services.

Hair Design

Tune into Fox 35 News in Orlando for some fabulous makeovers done by celebrity stylist Ted Gibson of TLC’s “What Not to Wear” fame. Check out the before and after shots of the two cosmetology students as well as Ted’s tips on making hair shiny, sexy, and smooth. You can also learn a bit about Beauty Changes Lives, a nonprofit initiative designed to raise awareness of how careers in the hair, beauty, and wellness industry transform lives.

Esthetics / Skin Care

If you have any inclination toward a career in esthetics, watch this interview with Tara Sissel, an aesthetics and laser expert and instructor at National Laser Institute. She talks about how she got into the field, and how her income almost quadrupled when she began offering laser services like photofacials to her clients. She also discusses the importance of solid esthetics training to become truly confident and competent in a skin care career.

Holistic Health

Given all the people now looking outside the mainstream for help with their medical problems – reportedly, nearly half of all Americans are using some form of alternative medicine – this PBS Nightly Business Report highlights the booming field of complementary and alternative medicine. The boom is drawing the attention of federal researchers, which, in turn, is bringing more mainstream acceptance to the field. If ever there was a time to explore a career in holistic medicine, this is it.

Cosmetology School

This video, presented by the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, offers a quick look at the many opportunities available in the beauty industry, from esthetics to makeup to hair design. Listen to current students talk about their experiences in cosmetology school and their career aspirations, and get inspired to go to beauty school and pursue your passion.

-Robyn Tellefsen

Short Hair Summer Trends

I was extremely interested to see that short hairdos were a summer trend. I, myself, had the short haircut for a while, but decided that summertime was the best opportunity for me to grow my hair out a little bit. After all, it’s summer and it’s easier to manage when you can wear it different ways – or just throw it up into a ponytail. Personally, I like to be able to put some product in my hair after a shower and keep walking. That is not something I can do with a short hairstyle. However, let’s see why these short haircuts have been trending throughout the summer this year.

Latrice Strader is the master stylist and owner of Destiny De’Ve Hair Salon (Washington, D.C.). She says that short hairstyles are a big summer trend this year. “My clients love how convenient short hairstyles are and easy to maintain,” says Latrice. “They’re perfect for any woman who doesn’t have a lot of time in the morning to spend on her hair, but wants maximum style,” she says. Below you’ll find four short celebrity hairstyles, highlighted by Latrice…

The Vamp Look
Twilight star Kristen Stewart chose a short style to frame her face. She added some wispy bangs with auburn highlights, a great way to brighten up her look for summer. “Summer is a great time of year to go with a lighter shade,” says Latrice. “This length is perfect for women with a more oval shaped face, who may typically shy away from short cuts,” she says.

Red Hot
Rihanna took the short hairstyle to a different look by dying her hair bright red and adding a cropped semi-shaved look to her ‘do. This is certainly a red hot look that shows how Rhianna doesn’t hold back – a look that is great for the risk-taker. “Bold colors are definitely in this season,” says Latrice. “Shades of red and copper look fantastic on brown skin tones and bright orange adds an amazing pop of color to more fair skin tones.”

Short, Sweet, and to the Point
Check out this fresh face of Neutrogena’s hairstyle… Hayden Panettiere has shortened her golden locks to show she’s all grown up. Taking it to the next level, she framed her face with some fabulous bangs. It’s the perfect way to show off her glowing, fresh face. “Side swoop bangs are very popular right now and look great with a super short cut,” says Latrice.

Low Maintenance, Lots of Volume
Janet Jackson gives her new short hairdo a little bit of volume. This is a great look for the red carpet or just a special occasion because it gives you volume and a way to change it up from your normal, everyday hairstyle. It’s also a great time saver! “This elegant look works well for many occasions,” says Latrice. “It’s also very versatile and can easily be transformed and smoothed down to an everyday look.”

-Amanda Fornecker

Fall Hair Trends

Now that Labor Day Weekend is over and the weather has been getting progressively cooler, it seems that Fall is upon us. So what can we expect for hair styles in Fall 09? We got the scoop from the 2009 Autumn/Winter Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week and celebrity hairstylist, Paul Labrecque, shows us how to take those crazy high-fashion runway model hairdos and turn them into something we can manage for everyday living.

Crimping isn’t just a thing of the 80s. In fact, we saw crimped-out hairdos all over the runways of designers, like Karl Lagerfield and Stephane Rolland.

If your hair doesn’t have any natural texture, wave or body, LaBrecque says:

  • Use a styling cream such as Paul Labrecque’s COLOR STYLE Fade Protection Foam to give hair the grip it needs before blow drying and using a crimping iron.
  • To avoid a frizzy mess, lightly spritz dry hair with an anti-frizz spray and pull the front of the hair up into two high twists.

Ah, the age-old question of the middle part or the side part? The Paris runway shows tell us that both middle and swooping side parts are very much popular hairstyles for this Fall.

To achieve this sleek, chic chignon, follow LeBrecque’s advice:

  • Apply a frizz-fighting, straightening cream to wet hair and blow dry in 1 inch sections with a round brush.
  • Part the hair in the middle and smooth strands with the Paul Labrecque DAILY STYLE Alcohol Free Holding Gel and a boar bristle flat brush for amazing shine.

For a soft, swooping side part that gives way to a simple, low twist:

  • Part hair on the side and use a 2inch barrel curling iron to set the heavier side of the parting in alternating curls.
  • When brushed out it will yield big, soft waves that can be formed into a dropping scoop.
  • Loosely pull everything back and mist with the Paul Labrecque STRAIGHT FINISH Humidity Control Hair Mist to tame fly-aways and hold the shape without hardness.

The “Poof”
Defying gravity has been a continuing trend over the past few seasons and remains a hot commodity this year. The “poof” could be seen on the runways of designers, like John-Paul Gautier and Cengiz Abazoglu, in boiffants and other exciting hairdos.

To gain some height, volume and drama:

  • Spray the Paul Labrecque VOLUME FINISH All Day Holding Mist directly on the root before teasing (back combing) your hair in sections, working from front to back.
  • Finish the look by flat ironing only the lower half of the hair shaft for that sleek, straight look.

-Amanda Fornecker

From Children to Beauty Professionals

Perhaps it is most fitting that you hear stories about professionals who used to do something that resembles their current career when they were young and impressionable children. Maybe they used to play dress-up and wear their mother’s heels and pearls and now are fashion designers or wardrobe stylists. Or maybe they would style their doll’s hair or love to use makeup and now have a career in hair design or makeup application. There is probably some type of correlation between the person who they used to be and who they eventually become.

Jamie Kociela is no exception. She used to practice styling her own hair in the mirror when she was young and use magazines as a reference. She really loved it and went on to hair design school after high school and obtained her cosmetology license. As she continues to work her way to being a successful salon owner, Jamie has learned a lot. Check out her story in Cutting to the Chase at Hair Design Schools.

-Amanda Fornecker