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Fun in the Sun Hair and Skin Savers

It’s no secret that the sun’s UV rays, salt water, and chlorine can be damaging to skin and hair. But that doesn’t mean you have to let the summer leave you frizzed and fried.

When making your summer checklist, be sure SPF is first on your list!

I cannot stress the importance of SPF. Skin is the body’s largest organ. Although resilient, it needs to be protected, especially since it is exposed to the elements. Sunburns happen when skin cells are damaged by UV rays and the skin sends extra blood to the damaged skin in an attempt to repair it. Counter any damage by applying SPF 30 or higher 20 minutes before you head into the sun and after any water activities. Waterproof or not, always reapply. Not only in the summer, but at all times of the year. Also, don’t forget to check the expiration date on last year’s bottle.

Chlorine and salt water can dry out skin significantly, as well, so make sure your skin and hair are properly hydrated. Before you splash into the beach or pool, exfoliate and moisturize. After-sun lotions are also very helpful in re-hydrating skin after prolonged exposure to sun.

As for hair, I fill a spray bottle with my favorite conditioner diluted with water and spray throughout the day. This conditions tresses that have been stripped from pool and salt water and allows hair to dry silky smooth and shiny. The sun can lighten locks but heat also damages hair. This is avoidable by wearing a cute, well-ventilated and lightweight hat.

Sunglasses are a great way to accessorize but they serve a huge purpose, too. Certain surfaces reflect more UV rays than others and sand is one of them. Photokeratitis, most commonly known as “Snow Blindness,” is caused when the eyes are exposed to large amounts of UV rays in a short amount of time. This causes a sunburn on the cornea and can cause temporary blindness. Protect those peepers with sunglasses that protect your eyes from UV rays, so check the label. If there is no label, this may leave you even more susceptible to damage. The tint of the lenses may cause the pupils to dilate, which allows even more light into your eyes. If your sunglasses are only dark and not UV protected, more UV could actually penetrate your eyes.

Pass me a Fedora, my Ray-Bans, and some Banana Boat, and let the fun in the sun begin! Oh, and don’t forget to check out our SPF (Sun Protection Factor) Resource Guide.

-Vernize Rios

Is Hot Hair Hazardous to Your Health?

The Brazilian Blowout drama continues.

Using a seven-step procedure, the product promises to turn unruly, frizzy hair into silky, sleek locks in just 90 minutes. It also claims to be “formaldehyde free.”

I’ve tried it. It works…sorta. As in your hair looks sleek for roughly two months and then you have to do the whole thing again.

Last month, there was an uproar when Oregon’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration tested the Brazilian Blowout solution. That’s where OSHA found nearly 9% formaldehyde, the chemical known to cause cancer in humans.

Oh, and it’s also used to EMBALM people. Sexy!

“Formaldehyde is a hazardous chemical, it is dangerous,” stated OSHA Administrator Michael Wood. “There are specific steps employers need to take when they’re using it at their workplace.”

OSHA’s report says stylists complained of difficulty breathing, nose bleeds, and eye irritation.

Would you take chances in your salon with your clients, and with your own health? For now, many salons are choosing to stop providing Brazilian Blowout services altogether. For many, it’s a matter of a brand not telling the truth, as much as the dangerous aspect, I’d imagine.

But is even the most luxe of hair treatments worth potential risks to your health? I’d think not. What’s your input?

A Golden Globes Hair Stylist

It never rains in LA (except for around awards time). So when the rain came pouring down on the red carpet on Sunday at the Golden Globes, there were experts on hand to ensure that the Hollywood beauties looked their very best. For Leona Lewis and Emily Blunt, that lifesaver was hair stylist Laini Reeves. With Living Proof No Frizz, both Hollywood starlets stayed frizz-free and glamorous in the pouring rain. Here’s what she did:

For best actress nominee, Emily Blunt – Laini Reeves cut her hair to shoulder length just for the Golden Globes and then created a curl that was blunt and chic, but still a little fun.

HOW TO GET THE LOOK: First, Laini applied the NO FRIZZ, WAVE SHAPING CREAM FOR MEDIUM TO THICK HAIR ($24) to Emily’s wet hair to prevent the hair from frizzing. She then added a bit of the new LIVING PROOF FULL ($24) to add a bit of body to the wave. She started creating the pin curls by taking half inch pieces of hair and wrapping each piece around her fingers and then pinning them to the top of the head. Reeves recommends alternating the twisting monition both clockwise and counter clockwise to add dimension. She then let the hair dry naturally. After the hair was completely dry she used both a medium curling iron, and small barrel curling iron to accentuate the curl. To add a bit of sophistication to the look, she used a flat iron on each curl, straightening the bottom inch of the hair.

For Leona Lewis, artist behind ‘I Want To Come Home’ from Avatar who was nominated for best original song, Laini Reeves created a soft romantic down-do inspired by her glamorous purple dress.

HOW TO GET THE LOOK: Leona has very thick hair, so it actually performs better if it is not freshly washed. Laini used the NO FRIZZ STRAIGHT MAKING SPRAY ($24) on her dry hair, to prevent fly-aways and keep it from frizzing in the rain. She then parted the hair in the middle and used a flat-iron to straighten the hair. To create an asymetical look, she pulled the hair to one side and then used a three inch curling iron to add a bit of bounce to the ends.

Look for Living Proof products at a Sephora store in your area.

Need Help Styling Your Hair?

I’ve heard countless times from girls who can’t seem to get their hairstyle just right. It’s so upsetting especially since when you go to the salon, they do such a perfect job on your hair, right? I know, I know – these are professionals we’re talking about here so it makes sense that since they went to beauty school that they’d know what they are doing. But I get frustrated when I can’t recreate the very look I’m trying to achieve!!

Shelly Ballestero has some tips for you frustrated ladies out there. In January 2009, she has a new book coming out, entitled Beauty by God (Regal Book, 2009). Check out some tips and suggestions she has to share that I really believe will get you going on your way to a more satisfying hairstyle:

Shampoo and conditioner are important for your style, because they create the foundation.

Depending on the style you want, you need to use the proper pre-style products.

A good blow dryer can make all the difference.

Brushes are important.

Flat irons and curling irons take a little extra time but can really make a difference in your style.

Finishing products are important as well… This last step really helps determine what your hair will do for the rest of the day.

Perhaps you are thinking of beauty school for hair design or maybe you just want to perfect your hairstyle on your own. No matter what, you can surely perfect your drying and styling techniques to help you in school and in front of the mirror.

-Amanda Fornecker

Extreme Fall Trends

As a spa and beauty industry professional, you’ll need to be up on all the hot trends for the Fall season. See what this year’s beauty professionals need to know to keep their clients trendy, stylish, and happy.

Makeup Artists
This Fall, we’ll see lots of colored liners. Eyeshadows in shades of blue will be most popular. Think you won’t look good in blue? Think again. Match the shade of blue to the shade of your eye color, using paler shades for light eyes and navies for darker eyes.

Dark, vampy lips are very stylish this Fall too. Lips will be dramatic so dark browns are popular, as well as deep berry colors. The dark lips are especially good when a neutral and natural look has been created — this gives a more dramatic effect to the look.

Nail Technicians
Also extreme in the beauty industry will be nail colors. Dark grey (a rather neutral shade) and even black are going to be hot this Fall. If you’re not really into the whole black idea, then deep burgundies and rich reds are for you. See more about the nail trends here.

Wardrobe Stylists
To get the most stylish look this Fall, try various shades of purple — it is THE Fall color. From tops to skinny jeans to booties to clutches, purples are a great way to make your outfit pop. But don’t wear all of these items together in purple, for you don’t want to be too matchy-matchy. Accessorizing is key!

Hair Stylists
We’ve seen it before and we saw it at the Emmys on the likes of Marcia Cross, Heidi Klum, and Sandra Oh. It’s the bun — both tight and loose. This style will keep hair off the face, but will flow in a way to soften the look of a completely pulled-back hairstyle.

Glowing skin is not just for summertime. Be sure your clients use the right products to exfoliate, moisturize, and for foundation. These methods will leave skin looking healthy and fresh. Additionally, moisturizers with an SPF are so important, even after you’re not basking in the sun’s rays. Encourage clients to use products that have some sort of protection to keep their skin up-to-par.

You want to get it right for your clients this Fall and it’s all about dark shades and being extreme. So take some risks, work your magic, and if you haven’t already, get started on your beauty career!

-Amanda Fornecker