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9 Annoying Things Your Beautician Does

If I were to ask your beautician about all the annoying things she has to deal with on a daily basis, I’m sure the list would scroll on and on. That being said, however, our wonderfully loveable stylists can certainly drive us crazy, too. Let us count the ways…

1. Cuts too short

I have a theory that the word “trim” means something different to hair stylists than it does to their clients. If a “trim” means “just a little bit,” why does it seem like so many stylists take the appointment as an opportunity to put our hair on the chopping block? I know we need to cut enough to get rid of split ends and everything, but I still think something’s getting lost in translation.

2. Doesn’t cut short enough

With frequent trips to the barber, a man’s complaint is often the exact opposite: “I couldn’t get him to cut it short enough!” When using clippers, many barbers I’ve encountered seem scared to give someone a “number one” or, even riskier, to shave to the skin. What’s the deal? Do they just want to get us back in the chair every time we get a paycheck?

3. Breaks out the buzzer

When I lopped my hair off a few years ago, I was going for the Gwyneth Paltrow in “Sliding Doors” look: short, but not “boy” short. So I felt just fine when the strands started falling. I was not pleased, however, when the buzzer came out. Please, please do not buzz cut a woman’s hair unless you’re sure it’s the look she’s dying for. I may have a decently shaped head, but I’m no Sinead.

4. Asks if you want highlights every time you’re there

After a childhood as a dirty blonde, I emerged into adulthood with no goldilocks to speak of. A friend recently told me that my hair is, in fact, “monotone.” She meant it as a compliment, but I don’t think the rest of the world sees it that way. If brown isn’t boring (we’re not talking deep chestnut here), then why does my beautician ask me if I want highlights every time I go in for a trim?

5. Overbooks

When you find yourself waiting longer for your hair stylist than you do for your GYN, something is amiss. Whether it’s the fault of the salon’s or the stylist’s, overbooking is a common problem, but it can leave you with too much time on your hands to spend poring over those old hair magazines. One of these days, you might get so fed up you decide to try a walk-in salon…

6. Adds product to your hair without asking

It has taken years for my hairdresser to learn that I don’t like hairspray. This fascinates me. How difficult is it to ask someone if they want product in their hair? Maybe I’m alone here, and everyone else loves the stiff stuff. But I always feel silly leaving the salon with touch-me-not tresses when all I’m doing is running to the supermarket in my jeans and sneakers. There’s something to be said for knowing your clients.

7. Overshares and oversteps

Some of us are lucky enough to have found true confidantes in our stylist. We dish, they dish… it’s comfy cozy girl-talk time. Other times, though, it’s just not a good fit. Whether you’ve got the stylist who spills her guts or one who persists in probing into your personal life, you’re just not feeling the love. But how do you communicate your need for some peace and quiet without fear of your haircut turning into a hack job?

8. Ignores you

Then there are the stylists who do not wish to invade your personal space but still feel the need to attend to their own social needs while cutting your hair. From talking on the phone to chatting with the stylists or even the clients around you (sometimes in another language, which adds to the fun), you feel like the invisible fool. And you wonder, “Am I supposed to act like I’m part of the conversation, or should I look away? But where am I supposed to look?!”

9. Gives you the look she wants instead of the look you want

After going to beauty school and studying the trends, hopefully our stylists know their stuff. Maybe they even know what our hair will do better than we do. Still, don’t ask me what I want if you’re going to do whatever you want, anyway. If my idea really stinks, tell me why (politely, of course). And if you have no intention of doing what I want, or you have misgivings, please do me the courtesy of letting me know. It’s Communication 101, peeps.

Comment away: What’s the most annoying thing your beautician does?

–Robyn Tellefsen

Beauty News You Can Use

There’s always something to report in beauty news. Here are a few beauty school stories that piqued my interest within the past week.

From Hair Stylist to Actor
I bet you didn’t know that Danny DeVito was at one time a hairdresser! And he wasn’t just any ordinary hair stylist that you or I could go to randomly any day of the week. No, he was actually a hair stylist for female corpses. DeVito recently appeared on Lopez Tonight with George Lopez and said that he began work at his sister’s salon and even took classes at the Wilfred Academy in New Jersey. He joked that these clients could never tell him they didn’t like his work. Of course, DeVito went on to have a wildly successful acting career and currently stars in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Beauty Schools Losing Financial Aid
Since the economy has taken a downturn, many people have looked to beauty school as a way to get their feet in the door of a new career — especially those who lost their jobs as a result of the poor economy. However, the economy has not only created a surge in beauty school enrollments. It has also had an effect on the ability to pay back loans. As a result, some schools are losing their federal loan endorsements, according to The State Journal. Two of these schools include The Charleston School of Beauty Culture and Stanley Technical Institute. If a school has a 25 percent default rate for three consecutive years, the federal government will take away the school’s financial aid privileges. And it’s understandable — it’s great to follow your dreams and go back to school, but tuition and financial aid are certainly important factors to consider before enrolling.

Losing Beauty
A Paul Mitchell School in Spokane Valley, Washington, recently fell victim to a crime. And Kayla Baker was the victim. According to KHQ News, Baker lost $2,000 worth of beauty supplies she uses daily in her beauty school routine as an aspiring hair stylist. Without her toolbox of combs, scissors, brushes, and more, it’s pretty tough for Baker to actually do her job, which entails a student salon filled with customers, nightly. It is a beauty school student’s worst nightmare.

Have you been thinking of going back to school or pursuing your dreams? Research a beauty school or spa school program today to get started on your beauty career.

-Amanda Fornecker

A Haircut for the Unemployed

Throughout the recession, I’ve always believed that even frugalistas couldn’t ever cut out a haircut from their list of beauty services. So when I heard about an upscale New York salon with free haircuts I just had to share it with you.

Cristiano Cora has a salon in Manhattan’s West Village and on Tuesdays from 10am to 1pm he is offering free haircuts to the unemployed, as long as they can prove this. Normally, haircuts with Cora, himself, cost a whopping $300. But if you’re unemployed, they are free. I guess it pays to be unemployed in this instance.

Cora told ABC7 News in New York: “My goal is to make you look good, so you can walk away feeling good and go for an interview and have energy and feeling will help you get a job.” What a great idea and way to give back to the community. It’s a great way to help people who may not be feeling so good about themselves in a difficult time. With a new look, they may be able to go out and become a brand new person.

It’s charitable gestures from people like Cora that really restore my faith in other people. What a great hair stylist!

Visit the salon’s website and schedule your appointment by emailing

-Amanda Fornecker

Carnival of Beauty Smarts: The Labor Day Prep – 7th Edition

beauty-smartsWelcome to the seventh edition of the Beauty Smarts Blog Carnival! In preparation for back to school (yes, I said back to school) let’s take a look at some beauty routines you can perfect throughout the month of August so that you are always looking your best no matter what. These fabulous bloggers have broken down everything from home remedies to tips and tricks in order to help readers figure out what works best for them. So break out those eye pencils and beauty books — but make sure not to give yourself a dirty look!

Who knew olive oil could be so versatile? Aparna says, “Besides lemon, milk, sugar, aloe, turmeric, sandalwood and honey, olive oil is another household item that has multifarious uses as a beauty aid.” See what they are in 11 things you can do with olive oil posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming.

“Nature is the newest trend in skin and hair care,” says GreatManagement. “For years, we’ve been putting toxic chemicals into our bodies that build up and make us feel tired and sick, regardless of whether we eat them or if they seep though our pores. And people are finally catching on that natural is better.” Check out more in Natural homemade beauty recipes posted at Free Organic News.

Amir Marzouq presents some eco-friendly tools for your makeup bag. Check out Voice your Vote: Natural Beauty Products | Guffly posted at Guffly for the latest.

Don’t want to spend a fortune on facials or masks? No problem! VANYA presents 4 Easy Homemade Facial Recipes | VANYA posted at Facial masks for facial skin |VANYA: “Here are four simple, yet effective and great homemade facial mask recipes you can use in the comfort of your own home.” Banana and avocado anyone?

Do you have sensitive skin? How can you tell if this is something aggravating you daily? Spa Boutique presents Sensitive Skin: What Are Your Options? posted at Spa Girl Beauty Tips and gives us an inside look at what signs to expect for sensitivity to different beauty products.

Lately, I feel like my skin has been breaking out all over the place! But what is actually going on? Maybe I can find out what my actual problem is in eternal voyageur’s Is it a breakout or is your skin purging impurities ? | eternalvoyageur’s Xanga Site – Weblog posted at Venusian*Glow.

Do you wear makeup every single day or can you go out in public without it? What is it that makes some people feel they can’t live without makeup. Check out To Makeup or Not To Makeup, posted at our very own A Minute With SpaBeautySchools.

You can always trust your mother, right? Many of us follow the routines that have worked for our parents, but maybe we should be following a different kind of beauty regimen, due to product ingredients or just different skin types. Robin Adler presents A Misguided Trust posted at Organic beauty for hair, skin, nails.

Women aren’t the only ones who take beauty and grooming seriously. Gin G. presents Beholding Beauty posted at Sense Scribe, giving us a lesson in beauty and grooming for men.

What are you afraid of when it comes to beauty products? Find out about The Most Feared Beauty Tool and see what some Twitterers think of it. A of Makeup Lovers Anonymous breaks it all down for you.

If you’re an aspiring hair stylist, you’ll certainly want to learn from the pros. Take notes from an expert hairdresser at Lauren Conrad’s Hair Colorist Kaz Amor Shares LC’s Color Tips presented by HairBoutique.

It’s easy to forget that your teeth are actually part of the world of beauty. Wayne Hairston presents Best Teeth Whiteners – What You Should Look For in Tooth Whiteners posted at The Best Teeth Whitening System because we all should be able to flash our smile proudly!

And that’ll do it for our seventh edition of the Beauty Smarts Blog Carnival!! Thank you so much for your continued participation and remember to prepare and look your best for the back to school season (or even your Labor Day bashes!) — it’s creeping up faster than you think.

-Amanda Fornecker

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Be a Professional Hairdresser

Being a hairdresser can often be a tough job, especially to those who aren’t quite sure of the proper techniques. That’s why hairdressers have gone to school and have learned just the right methods to make their clients happy with their appearance. Here, John Doucette, Director of Student Salons at Empire Beauty Schools, gives us insight on how to properly blow out your hair. You’ll be a pro in no time! And if you’re interested in actually working as a hairdresser, then be sure to research cosmetology schools for the right program!

Of all the complicated beauty techniques out there that people would love to know about, one of the things that I get asked about most often is how to get a top-notch blowout on your own hair.  It’s actually not that hard to do if you just keep a few professional tips in mind. In fact, there are many simple things that can be done at home to get a salon-quality blow-out.

Start by gently blotting, not rubbing, the hair with a towel and then combing with a wide tooth comb. Removing as much water as possible makes it easier and quicker to dry, and it is much healthier for the hair. For frizzy or wavier hair, use an anti-humectant product to repel moisture.   Frizz is caused when too much moisture from the air gets soaked up by the hair. When hair is well hydrated, it doesn’t pull so much problem-causing moisture from the air.

Always subdivide the hair into sections. The smaller the sections, the easier each piece will be to straighten. I recommend using a large, round natural bristle brush such as boar bristle, to blow the hair out. A natural bristle will help the cuticle to lay smoother, which will mean a sleeker final result.

And here is the tip that will really help get a professional-looking result: finish each piece using your hair dryer’s cool shot button, unwinding with a twist of the brush, rather than pulling it out straight. The result will be smooth shiny hair with some volume and a bit of a wave.

John Doucette has over three decades of cosmetology experience. Doucette was co-owner of an eleven franchise business and also gained invaluable expertise and knowledge as a longtime leading colorist. He now works with the student salons at Empire Beauty Schools and shares his experience and knowledge with the future hairdressers of America.