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Stress Less This Holiday Season

For many of us, the joyous holiday season also brings at least two unwelcome guests – stress and depression.

If you are working long hours, and studying in a spa/beauty school program, this can make your hair stand up on ends even as you are making everyone else look pretty!

In an effort to pull off a perfect holiday, you will probably find yourself facing an array of demands including parties, shopping, baking, cleaning and entertaining. In order to enjoy this holiday season, take a few moments to concentrate on yourself and your personal needs. I consulted with my friends at Sherif Zaki Salons & Spas and they offered some advice on spa services that will take YOU (not just your client) to a state of pure relaxation – something never heard of during this stressful time of year!

Nail Care

It is always nice to sit back and relax, while someone else makes your nails and toes look beautifully flawless. Be sure to take the time to schedule a spa manicure and spa pedicure. Spa manicures and pedicures are a therapeutic option of the highest quality, using skin-soothing moisturizers and advanced exfoliants. You will relish in the enjoyment as your hands are bathed, exfoliated, moisturized and massaged. Get nails that will stay flawless through Christmas and New Years with a special new Shellac Manicure, a natural soak-off hybrid between a gel and polish that guarantees you two weeks of chip-free nails.


This is a perfect time to smooth, rejuvenate and nourish your skin with incredible sensations and euphoric aromas. Any facial therapy treatment will be relaxing, yet the art of aromatherapy with a special custom blend of purifying and calming essential oils will provide you with a sense of peace. Pure honey oatmeal and almond scrubs will gently exfoliate dead skin cells. This skincare scrub is followed by extractions and two masques to promote healing and rejuvenation.

Massage Therapies

Take the time to release muscle tension, increase circulation and to reduce your stress with a full-body massage that can be customized to meet your individual needs. Massage therapists are able to effectively incorporate reflexology, acupressure and other trigger-point therapies structured to meet your body’s specific needs. To eliminate all of your stress, add a Vichy Shower to your therapeutic sessions.

If you really want the ultimate relaxation, try a stone massage. This exclusive body therapy is great for both men and women, It is unlike any other because it creates a yin-yang balance throughout your body by utilizing both hot and cold river stones. During this special hour and a half spa treatment, various size stones which also vary in temperature are used as massage implements. They are placed on key pressure points on your body to relieve tension, stimulate the circulatory system and to promote self-healing. The warm temperatures also help expand capillaries, improve blood circulation and increase the body’s energy reserve. You’ll feel more relaxed just thinking about it!

Get Some Stuffing for that Stocking

I have always thought that the best thing Santa could throw in my stocking is some makeup because you can never have too much makeup! I love trying new things and even samples are a great way to give a stocking just a little extra stuffing. Here are some last-minute stocking stuffers that your beauty professionals may just love to have, even though they haven’t asked for them.

If your stocking needs a little green in its life, then the collection of products by Cargo’s PlantLove line is perfect. Not only are the products safe to use, but the casing they come in is made from 100 percent post-consumer waste paperboard that is produced at a plant that uses 100 percent renewable energy. Cargo PlantLove is harmless to the environment and your face, as it is free of parabens, petro-chemicals, synthetic dyes, and other dangerous products. This line makes a variety of different makeup products, like eyeshadows, lipsticks, bronzers, and others. You can find these products at Sephora and prices range from $16-$36.

I’m usually not a fan of lip gloss, but I must say that Prescriptives Colorscope was not that sticky. It’s a great lip gloss that is highly pigmented and really shines through. Additionally, I felt that this lip gloss was good for moisturizing and keeping its color throughout a good portion of the day. It’s a great extra add-in for the stocking at just $17.50.

For mascara that does not smudge and is perfect for sensitive eyes blinc’s Kiss Me Mascara is a good choice. Instead of applying paint to your lashes, this mascara applies a tubing so that it won’t run when you tear or sweat and is good for those who wear glasses or contacts. It may not be a household name, but blinc does a good job in creating an innovative product for $25.

And no makeup collection would be complete without a place to put your makeup. Cosmetic cases are perfect for on-the-go days and has a few 3-piece cosmetic sets that are very cute. For just $20 you can get three compact cosmetic bags that will fit your makeup, toiletries, and other odds and ends that you can’t live without as you travel this holiday season.

-Amanda Fornecker

The Beauty School Student’s Holiday Wish List

What can you get for that special beauty professional in your life this holiday season, you may ask? Well, check out some makeup, hair, and skin care products that will have every makeup artist, hair stylist, and esthetician in awe that you have such great taste and have paid attention to their career choices! May SpaBeautySchools present to you a beauty school student’s holiday wish list!

For the makeup artist
Every girl needs some great makeup in her life. And whether she’s a makeup artist or makeup junkie, like myself, she’ll appreciate some of these fab finds!

Laura Geller Fresh Baked Beauty Kit
Forget the freshly baked cookies for Santa – be sure to put on a fresh face instead! This makeup kit has got it all. From prep to color to some finishing touches, Laura Geller’s kit is fresh baked goodies for your face. The only things you won’t find in here are the brushes and the mascara. Everything else is right here in this limited edition. Perfect for any girl who loves makeup with great pigment and a pop of color.
• Balance-n-Brighten
• Blush-n-Brighten in Pink Grapefruit
• Baked Marble Eyeshadow Duo in Blue Icing/Coffee Cake
• Baked Cake Eyeliner Duo in Blueberry/Dutch Chocolate
• Lip Gloss in Better than Bare

Fun SpaBeautySchools tip: wet a thin eyelining brush before you apply this eyeliner to get the richest color and the potential for fabulous cat eyes!

Retail value: $115, but it’s available at Sephora and for $60.

Cargo Holiday Nights
Perfect for a night out on the town and certainly a New Year’s party, Cargo’s Holiday Nights kit sparkles for sure to give you that holiday glow. You’ll find the entire kit in a brightly colored cloth box with a mirror, which makes it perfect for on-the-go application and even travel during this busy holiday season. It’s real easy to throw in your carry-on or purse!
• Holiday Nights Eye Shadow Quad
• Blush
• Boogie Nights™ Eye Pencil in Silver
• Face & Body Sparkle

Fun SpaBeautySchools tip: use the shadow quad in here to get a nice smoky eye effect, using the blue in the outer corner and the white in the inner corner. Love it!

Retail value: $90, but it’s available at Sephora for just $25!

For the hair stylist
There are lots of tools that a hair stylist will use throughout the day so it’s important that they get them just right. And if you want to get a salon-like look, then you’ll need the right instruments to perfect your holiday image.

ProSilk Golden Flat Iron
To give your hair a natural, healthy glow, the ProSilk Golden flat iron is perfect. It heats up in just seven seconds to a whopping 435 degrees! It’s small enough to use for travel and easy to clean. It’s also lightweight, which makes it very simple to use at any time, especially for those non-morning people who need a quick fix as they get ready for a productive workday.

Available at for $79.95.

For the esthetician
To an esthetician, the face is a very important part of the body. Perfecting the canvas you already have is important so that you look and feel your best. This is part of an esthetician’s job.

Prescriptives Intensive Rebuilding Quartet
All wrapped up in a nice silver cosmetic bag, the Px Intensive Rebuilding Quartet is great for anyone who needs a little moisture in their life – even the oiliest of faces can benefit from these dermatologist-recommended products. This is definitely perfect for travel because of the travel-sized products that include all things necessary to keep your face pretty!
• Full-size Intensive Rebuilding Eye Cream
• Travel-size Intensive Rebuilding Moisturizer
• Travel-size Intensive Rebuilding Deep Hydrating Mask
• Travel-size Intensive Rebuilding Moisture-Rich Cleanser

Retail value: $124.50, but it’s available on for $65.

For the green-conscious beauty professional
Speaking of green products, some may choose to have completely environmentally-safe products in their makeup kits. This way they don’t hurt the Earth, nor themselves.

Suki Winter Skin Hydration Kit
We all know that winter is a time for dry skin, chapped lips, and flaking so why not give your face and body the moisture it deserves. Prepare yourself (or your gift receiver) for the winter season with this kit that contains organic products that don’t have chemicals or synthetic materials.
• butter cream healing salve
• velvet moisturizing cream
• lip repair butter
• 100% organic cotton sateen travel case.

Retail value: $30, but it’s available on for $15.

Happy Holidays!!
-Amanda Fornecker