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Create a Smoky Eye Look


Tommaso Boddi / PR Photos

For the past few years, everyone has wanted to have a smoky eye, and with the Kardashian’s lovin‘ their eye makeup, the look has become more and more popular. The thing about smoky eyes, though, is that unless you’re on your way to becoming a beauty professional, it’s not that easy to actually correctly achieve it!

That’s why we’re opening up your eyes to the step by steps you’ll need to smoke away…

1. First, cover all of your eyelid with concealer; foundation is fine, too, if it’s creamy). This will form a smooth base for your makeup.

2. Next, using a pencil eyeliner, draw a thin line along the top lash line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Next, trace the bottom lash line from the inner to outer corner. Finally, take a cotton swab and smudge the lines so they are not stark stripes and to remove any clumps left by the pencil. The farther the color is from the lashes, the more it should fade.

3. Finally, it’s shadow time. Brush the powder shadow over the surface of the lid, including into the crease. You are going to want to brush outward and upward.

4. Next, use a little of the light powder shadow across the brow bone, blending lightly. Start the light shadow a little inside of the inner corner eye. This brightens and opens up the eye.

5. Finally, use your favorite mascara.

Now, don’t be afraid to play with the shadings — different colors and shades may complement different complexions!

And if you’re so into makeup that a career in cosmetology may be in your future, read more about what it takes to earn a cosmetology license.

How-to: Apply Concealer (The Right Way)

Have one scandalous late night followed by early work call and you will never again forget the importance of concealer.

The most important first step in concealer usage is finding the right shade! Even if you are super pale, there is a shade that works for you. Too dark and you’ll have splotches…too light, and well, that’s obvious too!

My rule of thumb is to always go one shade lighter than your foundation. That way, you can blend, and still have a flawless finish.

If you have dry skin, start with a moisturizer, and then apply concealer before foundation. You can reverse the steps and do foundation and then go over with the concealer, but make sure that powder is always the final step. Dab in a series of dots, but do not rub – that may create a bigger blemish to conceal!

* Did you know that if you go pro with your makeup passion, you could earn an average salary of $38,000/year?

Market Research: Experiencing a Shellac Manicure

As a teen growing up in Brooklyn, I tried all the fads. At times I had “glue manicures,” “acrylic nails,” “tips,” “wraps.”

Oftentimes, I had no idea what I was even getting myself into, but my mom informed me it was a good idea, and I tend to bow to peer pressure.

Now that I’m a beauty editor, I’m even more likely to try absolutely everything at least once, and today I visited the sexy Angelo David’s salon in New York City and tried the shellac manicure.

The concept of a manicure that lasts several weeks — colleagues have tweeted me and told me they’ve had applications that have lasted as long as five weeks blew my mind.

Let’s ignore that it saves time that I simply don’t have — I love the idea of walking around without chipped nails!

For those of you unfamiliar with it, a shellac manicure consists of a UV base coat, two coats of color, and a UV top coat. Between each coat, your hands are placed inside of a UV lamp drier in between each coat, with each process taking seconds. (You’ll notice each step takes different amounts of seconds.)

You’ll also see that the process is a bit different than a traditional manicure — in fact, it felt a little reversed to me. First, my cuticles were pushed back and nails prepped with a swipe of acetone to prep for color. After polishing, the more indulgent hand massage and lotions are applied, so as not to risk interfering with the polish application or color adherence to the nail.

Is it odd and unnatural sounding? Yes. But I’m on day one of a manicure I hope will last me till mid-month. I’ll keep you posted!

* Did you know that nail technician employment is projected to increase 19 percent through 2018?’s “One Beautiful Blog” Just Got a Little More Glamorous

I think every teenage girl toys with the idea of beauty school — some take the plunge, others never go further than smokey eye how-to videos.

I was the latter — fascinated with hair styling and makeup design, but putting my passion toward writing and reporting rather than furthering my education.

But I always loved to play with cosmetics, and create images and thematic designs out of my lotions and potions. Last week, I visited Vegas for the weekend and created a Marilyn look — why the heck not? It’s where she experienced a significant portion of her hey day.

I’m the new blogger at Spa Beauty Schools, and while writing beauty-school content, I’ll also be sharing loads of beauty and related news, gossip, advice, how-to’s, and more. And I’m always open to thoughts and questions. We’ll learn more together!

As of now, I’m getting acclimated with Spa Beauty Schools on Twitter and Facebook (are you friends yet? You should be!) and preparing to find information that will teach us all a little something! A little about me: I am a freelance beauty and fashion editor for several women’s web sites, including and, and a bit of a “twitterella” — I’ve live-blogged from places like the Miss America pageant and the Emmy Awards, all with a focus on the stars and their beauty! It’s a great way to stay in the thick of the action — and see trends as they become a reality.

Excited to get to know all of you in the posts to come!

~Aly Walansky