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Beauty Schools on YouTube

When it comes to learning more about beauty and wellness, a quick search on YouTube does not disappoint. Today’s adventure: a journey through some of the most informative and engaging beauty school videos around. Grab some popcorn and come along for the ride…

Massage Therapy School

Experience relaxation just by watching this video from Angela Lind, a mobile massage therapist in South Florida. Enjoy soothing music and images while you learn about the benefits of therapeutic massage and neuromuscular therapy and the importance of posture. You’ll also gain insight into what massage can accomplish that chiropractics cannot. And don’t be surprised if you get turned on to in-home massage – an appealing concept for therapists and clients alike!

Beauty School

This news segment explores how the beauty industry has been affected by the changing economy, with reports of sky-high beauty school enrollment. Watch interviews with laid-off workers getting a “career makeover” as cosmetology students at Empire Beauty School in Indianapolis. It’s truly a recession-proof industry – everyone needs a haircut, right? The video also highlights the trend of customers frequenting beauty schools for haircuts, facials, and waxing services.

Hair Design

Tune into Fox 35 News in Orlando for some fabulous makeovers done by celebrity stylist Ted Gibson of TLC’s “What Not to Wear” fame. Check out the before and after shots of the two cosmetology students as well as Ted’s tips on making hair shiny, sexy, and smooth. You can also learn a bit about Beauty Changes Lives, a nonprofit initiative designed to raise awareness of how careers in the hair, beauty, and wellness industry transform lives.

Esthetics / Skin Care

If you have any inclination toward a career in esthetics, watch this interview with Tara Sissel, an aesthetics and laser expert and instructor at National Laser Institute. She talks about how she got into the field, and how her income almost quadrupled when she began offering laser services like photofacials to her clients. She also discusses the importance of solid esthetics training to become truly confident and competent in a skin care career.

Holistic Health

Given all the people now looking outside the mainstream for help with their medical problems – reportedly, nearly half of all Americans are using some form of alternative medicine – this PBS Nightly Business Report highlights the booming field of complementary and alternative medicine. The boom is drawing the attention of federal researchers, which, in turn, is bringing more mainstream acceptance to the field. If ever there was a time to explore a career in holistic medicine, this is it.

Cosmetology School

This video, presented by the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, offers a quick look at the many opportunities available in the beauty industry, from esthetics to makeup to hair design. Listen to current students talk about their experiences in cosmetology school and their career aspirations, and get inspired to go to beauty school and pursue your passion.

-Robyn Tellefsen

5 Ways Cosmetics Can Kill You

Do you know what’s in your cosmetics? Neither did I – until I realized that when it comes to what gets absorbed by our skin, ignorance is not bliss. And don’t think the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) got your back; the U.S. government has very little control over what goes into personal care products. With more than 10,500 ingredients, many of which have never been evaluated for safety, it turns out that the face of cosmetics is far less than perfect. In fact, based on findings from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, we discovered a bunch of ways cosmetics can even kill you.

1 – Faulty Fragrance: “This fragrance may cause swelling, fevers, infertility, obesity…”

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to smell good. But the same scent that makes you feel so sexy can also trigger unattractive allergic reactions, including asthma, headaches, chest tightening, wheezing, swelling, and rashes. And that’s just in the short term. Many of the chemicals found in fragrances are also associated with infertility, obesity, thyroid malfunction, and cancer.

Buyer beware: Halle by Halle Berry, Quicksilver, and Glow by JLO each contain seven different hormone-disrupting chemicals.

2 – Bubble Bath Blues – “Rubber ducky, you’re so toxic…”

You want to pamper yourself at the end of a long day, and you decide a bubble bath is the way to do it. But you might be better off popping open a bottle of bubbly. The contaminants 1,4-dioxane and formaldehyde have been found in countless bath products – even those purported to be “safe” for kids! These are known carcinogens, folks, and small exposures do add up.

Buyer beware: Read it and weep: Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (of “no more tears” fame) has been on the toxic offender list for more than two years, and has yet to clean up its act.

3 – Lead in Lipstick: Don’t lick your lips!

You’ve probably heard reports for years about the presence of lead in your favorite lipstick. And you may have figured, “Hey, I’m not eating my lipstick, so I’m in the clear, right?” Wrong. Lead is a neurotoxin that can cause learning, language, and behavioral problems – and recent science indicates that there is no safe level of lead exposure.

Buyer beware: In a 2009 study, the FDA found the highest lead levels in Cover Girl, L’Oreal, Body Shop, Maybelline, and Revlon lipsticks.

4 – Knocked Out at the Nail Salon: Hold your breath!

The stink that greets you when you walk into a nail salon? No surprise here – it’s rotten for your health, too. The toxic chemicals in nail polish, nail polish remover, and artificial nail products are suspected to cause asthma, reproductive harm, and even cancer. Nail techs are particularly susceptible to the toxicity, reporting decreased attention and processing skills and increases in asthma and other breathing problems.

Buyer beware: In recent years, many manufacturers have reformulated their nail products to remove dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene, but some nail treatments by Nail Tek, OPI, and Essie still contain the toxic trio of ingredients.

5 – Another Sunscreen Surprise: Speeding the development of tumors and lesions, ugh!

It’s one thing to find out that the products you’ve been using to look pretty might not be up to par; it’s quite another to discover that the products you’ve been looking to for protection can actually make your situation worse. The FDA has recently discovered that retinyl palmitate, when applied in the presence of sunlight, may actually speed the development of skin tumors and lesions. The issue? This form of vitamin A is added to about 30 percent of all sunscreens.

Buyer beware: There is still no FDA position on the safety of retinoids in cosmetics, and most cosmetics companies have not removed these ingredients from sunscreens and other skin and lip products.

Sadly, there are many, many more toxic offenders in our purses and on our shelves. Check out Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database so you can do your best to avoid death by cosmetics.

-Robyn Tellefsen

Beauty on the Red Carpet: 83rd Annual Academy Awards Goes Au Naturel

Beauty fads come and go, but there’s one trend that will never go out of style – natural, healthy-looking skin. With more and more celebs going au naturel, the fresh-faced look, like the one Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Williams, and other celebrities donned at the 83rd annual Academy Awards ceremony, is shaping up to be a red-hot trend for 2011.

In fact, Benjamin Rousseau, national makeup artist for Lancôme, says that this awards season’s beauty trend is one of understated glamour. “The feel is more of a classic elegance rather than a strong, statement-making end result,” he tells Vogue UK. Rousseau, whose clients include Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, and Emma Watson, offers the following prescription for Oscar-worthy beauty:

LIPS: Nude or natural colors
CHEEKS: Touch of cheekbone-enhancing blush
EYES: Soft and smoky

How are the stars getting the coveted clean-and-clear skin needed to achieve a naturally beautiful look? Check out these tips from the International Spa Association (ISPA) about the beauty products and treatments favored by the hottest names around.

Celeb Beauty Picks
>> This year’s Best Actress nominees (Annette Bening, Nicole Kidman, and Natalie Portman) each scored an Award-Season Survival Kit courtesy of Murad. The kits include goodies like cleansing cream to remove makeup and exfoliate skin, moisturizer to achieve the luminous look, and dietary supplements to encourage sleep and boost cellular regeneration.

>> A-List actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez are opting for fruit-filled facial peels, which are designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and boost the skin’s natural radiance. J.Lo also loves SkinCeutical’s paraben-free mattifying fluid to protect her skin from sun damage.

>> Celebrity beauties like Katherine Heigl, Alicia Silverstone, and Jennie Garth are into Eminence Organics, a skin care line of all-natural products featuring scientific combinations of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Jessica Simpson is a fan of Jurlique products to moisturize, prep, and balance her skin before applying makeup.

>> Oscar-worthy beauty products cross gender lines, too. E! red carpet host Ryan Seacrest digs Skin 2 Skin Care products, which are staples of any red carpet makeup artist’s kit. The products are known for promoting collagen production and reducing puffiness with the help of antioxidants. The Herculean Kevin Sorbo loves Skin Authority, which is well-known for its products that reverse wrinkles and provide a natural eye-lift.

>> Even non-celebs can get star treatment at spas like Spa Montage Beverly Hills, which is currently offering the “Ultimate Pre-Red Carpet Spa Experience.” Those who indulge in the two- to three-day package benefit from an anti-aging facial, body sculpting therapy, a back facial, and a full-body wrap. You’ll even get luxury products to take home with you.

Maybe you won’t make it to the red carpet – this year. But with these tips from the top, you can’t say you weren’t prepared.

–Robyn Tellefsen

Beauty Care Regimen Tips

Sue Devitt has her very own popular beauty line, as well as a deep interest in holistic beauty. Many of her products are made from natural ingredients she’s found in various places and finds to be successful for a great beauty regimen. But that’s not all Sue advocates for healthy-looking skin. It’s also important to keep up a good routine in diet, exercise, and sleep patterns. Check out Sue’s recommendations below.

Eating fresh – raw fruits and vegetables – keeps the skin naturally healthy and hydrated and the roughage is excellent for digestion. Many ailments are derived from digestive track issues, liver, and kidney, so proper diet will truly be beneficial, both for the short and long term. Sue also recommends drinking lots of water to cleanse the system and to stay away from coffee, opting for green tea instead.

Adhering to a regular fitness routine is also vitally important in achieving your full beauty potential. For Sue, consistency is key so she practices Pilates twice weekly to strengthen, elongate, and improve posture. Sue also regularly makes time for cardio and Yoga; her favorite discipline being Indian Yoga, Kundalini – a promotion of physical well-being and an expansion of awareness which ultimately transforms one’s life into one which is happy, healthy and harmonious. Introducing tranquility and equilibrium into life not only reduces fatigue and stress resulting in frown lines and skin imperfections, but also allows for some needed personal time each day — often overlooked in a busy schedule.

Sue’s decision to add skin care ingredients to makeup was a holistic one. Covering the skin with beautifying pigments that will also improve skin’s health and quality is something she believes all women deserve and should have access to. Her deep affinity for hydration is evident in her product range. “Our planet is comprised of 70% water, our bodies are 70% water and that is why my 70% Triple Seaweed Gel Foundation is formulated with 70% water. The complementary relationship of keeping ourselves and our skin optimally hydrated balances our beauty equilibrium,” remarks Sue Devitt.

Sue Devitt Beauty is a line of exquisite, high performance formulations infused with powerful anti-aging ingredients, soothing marine properties, and hydrating flower derivatives from nature, inspired by exotic destinations. Rich with minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, these products provide glowing beauty and healthy, hydrated radiant skin for women of all ages and ethnicities. Visit for more info.

Beauty is Poison?

I wear beauty products every day. But not just on my face to mask my blemishes and imperfections. I wear perfume and deodorant and nail polish and hair products. But maybe I should be a little more selective on which I choose to put on my body daily. After all, the skin is an absorbent organ and whatever you choose to put ON your body is what ends up IN your body. Ick!

I was reading an article on The Med Guru this morning and was completely disgusted by the data and findings of a new report. Do you know that the average woman puts about 515 chemicals onto her body each day? That’s a choice made through your own will. So we’re essentially killing ourselves and opening ourselves up to more disease possibilities willingly. I can’t imagine that I’m doing that to myself just by keeping up my appearance. Of course, all the products on the market have been tested and claim to have a safe amount of whatever toxin it has, but it’s scary to think that when you combine all these products you may be poisoning yourself!

One particular product that is harmful to your health is paraben. Think of parabens as the preservatives of makeup and beauty products. We try so hard to eliminate products from our food diet that contain preservatives because they aren’t good for you. This is exactly the same. And why do we need paraben-containing products when really you’re supposed to replace your makeup every few months because it’s unhealthy, and just plain old gross.

This news is not new, however. In fact, there was a study done on permanent makeup and how researchers are now warning that this could cause certain disfigurations, creating a black mark on permanent makeup.

We’re talking about long-term here. And yes, I’m guilty of thinking that this one time couldn’t necessarily damage me. Well, maybe not now, but in the future who knows what damage this may cause. I’m not advocating that you stop your normal beauty routine. All I’m saying is to think about what you’re using each day. Switching up certain parts of your regular beauty regimen may help you down the line. I understand the negative association with natural and organic products. They’re too expensive; they don’t last very long. But think of it like this: can you put a price on your life?

-Amanda Fornecker