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Need a Break? Get a Massage

As much as we love school here at, we totally sympathize with every student who has their stressful moments. That’s where a massage therapist comes in. And if you’re studying to be a massage therapist, then you’ll know just the right place to visit when it comes time for your very own massage.

When I think of a spa school I immediately associate it with massage, even though there is such a wide variety of spa schools out there. And there are even more specific specialties, which is great for those who want to branch out. Some of these include hot stone massage, acupressure, and chair massage. You may even become involved with working on a cruise line and choosing between western and eastern massage.

Massage therapy is a helping profession for sure. And there are so many education options within this spa career. You can earn an associate or bachelor’s degree and then specialize with a certification. You can also attend a spa school and pursue your education even further. The options are endless and with more education you’re sure to have even more opportunities for massage therapy jobs (and even higher salaries). In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the field of massage therapy will grow by 19 percent through the year 2018. That’s certainly faster than the average. In May 2008, it was estimated that the highest 10 percent of massage therapist earned more than $33.47.

So what are you waiting for? Go get a massage to ease your stress or tension from school or work, and while you’re there, speak to the massage therapist about his or her career path. You may be next…

* And why not? Massage therapy job openings are expected to grow 19 percent over the 2008 to 2018 period. Research a career in massage therapy today.

-Amanda Fornecker

Spotlight on Traditional Chinese Medicine

Sometimes we realize that although we love the work we do, there needs to be some sort of change. This change can be for the betterment of ourselves, our families, or even the people we work with. Debra Bebell knew something was missing in her field. After working as a critical care nurse for more than 25 years, she decided to extend her knowledge and do something where she could really help her patients even more than she had before. She enrolled in a three-year program in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Similarly, Tess Hahn found that after working for years in nursing and recommending acupuncture for patients as a last resort, she wanted to be the one to give this successful treatment to patients. She enrolled in an acupuncture college, completed her degree, and worked in China to experience firsthand Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has been working in acupuncture since 1981 and continues to learn, with her latest endeavor being understanding acupuncture for cosmetic restoration.

Read these powerful stories of women who evolved within their careers to a Traditional Chinese Medicine wellness career:
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-Amanda Fornecker

Snowed In? Research a Spa or Beauty Career!

So what do you do on a weekend where you find yourself in the midst of a record-breaking snowstorm? Sure, you can snuggle in bed and catch up on your shows or watch some of your favorite movies, but why not take advantage of this time to research a new career? And while I realize that most of you are not experiencing this record-breaking snowfall the way I am, you may still want to take your free time to check out these fun career paths.

As someone very interested in speech therapy, I am one to know the definite advantages of both occupational and physical therapy. This career is one in which you certainly help others feel better and rehabilitate. In fact, the National Opinion Research Center named physical therapy as the number two career in which its employees are most satisfied. Not too shabby!

A fitness school education may be extremely beneficial, especially during hard times like these. Lots of people who have been laid off have found themselves with a plethora of extra time and are taking this opportunity to get back in shape. That means that fitness instructors and maybe even personal trainers will be in higher demand. And the best part of a fitness career is that you get to stay in shape for a living!

For proof that you can change careers and still be successful, check out this beauty career story. Success stories don’t always come out of a first job, you know. The old saying goes: “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” I think those are great words to live by. Keep up your dreams and go for what you really want. It’s the best way to be happy in life.

There are lots of reasons to go to nail school. Check out 10 reasons that we’ve come up with here at SBS. And those aren’t the only reasons. But it’s a good place to start so check them out!

Lastly, be sure to see some of the school profiles we’ve featured in beauty and spa/wellness

Good luck, stay warm, and use your time wisely!

-Amanda Fornecker

The Beautiful Life Lessons of Disney Movies

I miss the days of the old Disney cartoon movies. I grew up on The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and others. These are some of the greatest movies of my childhood and when I think of them a little deeper, I can see some great lessons…

OK, so we may not all have a fairy godmother, but this can be seen as a lesson (although extreme) in paying your dues. Sometimes, you may feel that you have been working up your way for quite some time at your job. But one day, your prince will also come and you’ll finally flourish into the princess you’ve always been. So with a little hard work and some patience, the clock striking midnight will not turn the carriage back into the pumpkin, but may indicate your advancement in your beauty career. Don’t let your evil stepmother get you down!

The Little Mermaid
We all know that Ariel wanted more and what’s wrong with thinking outside of the box (or the ocean)? Although you may sometimes need to make sacrifices to get where you want to be, it can be worth it in the end. Obstacles come up (let’s just hope they’re not as scary and crazy as Ursula) and you can overcome them with a little perseverance, honesty, and hard work. Maybe a little rearranging of your life may be in order, but just think of how happy you can be in the end when you finally get your yummy Eric.

Beauty and the Beast
Yes, this was certainly a lesson in beauty being more than just skin deep and going beyond first impressions. But it was also about taking chances, standing up for what you believe in, and even hitting the books. Belle loved books and got everything she wanted. Of course, she had to overcome some tough situations, but her curiosity and zest for life (and beasts) helped her to get her gorgeous golden gown and her gallant gent (even though he was kind of a giant gargoyle before…).

These were all Disney love stories between two people, but your love affair can be translated to a beauty or spa career. Do what you love, work hard, and you will triumph in the end.

-Amanda Fornecker

Breaking Down SpaBeauty Careers

A beauty or spa career might be just what you need to consider as the economy continues to stay at a slower rate. People are always trying to look their best, no matter what. And although some services may be slowing down, others will always continue to be in demand.

Take hair stylists, for instance. Would you really cut your own hair? I definitely could never do such a thing. And maybe I don’t go every six weeks any more, but I continue to go and tip my hair stylist. It’s a necessary service that requires a skilled professional.

Nail technicians are also in demand, as regular manicures tend to not be as expensive in a regular salon. While I may not be able to afford it every week, I know that I cannot do as good a job as a licensed nail technician and definitely ned to call in the experts for a big event, where I like to look my best.

Makeup artists and estheticians are always necessary because they have the latest tips and tricks. If they can teach me that my oily face still needs a moisturizer, then I think it is useful to work with these professionals.

These are just some examples of beauty professionals that have influenced my life. Although services may be down, they are still certainly alive and well and will always, in my opinion, be necessary.

Not sure what spa or beauty career is for you?? Check out beauty career program descriptions, as well as spa career beauty descriptions!

-Amanda Fornecker