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Beauty News You Can Use

There’s always something to report in beauty news. Here are a few beauty school stories that piqued my interest within the past week.

From Hair Stylist to Actor
I bet you didn’t know that Danny DeVito was at one time a hairdresser! And he wasn’t just any ordinary hair stylist that you or I could go to randomly any day of the week. No, he was actually a hair stylist for female corpses. DeVito recently appeared on Lopez Tonight with George Lopez and said that he began work at his sister’s salon and even took classes at the Wilfred Academy in New Jersey. He joked that these clients could never tell him they didn’t like his work. Of course, DeVito went on to have a wildly successful acting career and currently stars in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Beauty Schools Losing Financial Aid
Since the economy has taken a downturn, many people have looked to beauty school as a way to get their feet in the door of a new career — especially those who lost their jobs as a result of the poor economy. However, the economy has not only created a surge in beauty school enrollments. It has also had an effect on the ability to pay back loans. As a result, some schools are losing their federal loan endorsements, according to The State Journal. Two of these schools include The Charleston School of Beauty Culture and Stanley Technical Institute. If a school has a 25 percent default rate for three consecutive years, the federal government will take away the school’s financial aid privileges. And it’s understandable — it’s great to follow your dreams and go back to school, but tuition and financial aid are certainly important factors to consider before enrolling.

Losing Beauty
A Paul Mitchell School in Spokane Valley, Washington, recently fell victim to a crime. And Kayla Baker was the victim. According to KHQ News, Baker lost $2,000 worth of beauty supplies she uses daily in her beauty school routine as an aspiring hair stylist. Without her toolbox of combs, scissors, brushes, and more, it’s pretty tough for Baker to actually do her job, which entails a student salon filled with customers, nightly. It is a beauty school student’s worst nightmare.

Have you been thinking of going back to school or pursuing your dreams? Research a beauty school or spa school program today to get started on your beauty career.

-Amanda Fornecker

Admissions Education and Lessons from Beauty School

This is the story that proves that you need to research the beauty or spa school you’re pursuing. The NY Post reported this weekend that a Chinatown beauty school was shut down for committing fraud.

USA Beauty School allegedly collected millions of dollars in federal aid over the past two years when they weren’t technically entitled to it. Federal officials called into the school recently to pose as prospective students. What they learned was disturbing: school officials told the “prospective students” that they could fudge details of their education and work history in order to get more financial aid from the government. It was reported that a handful of students who were receiving Pell grants weren’t even eligible for them, as they didn’t even have their high school diplomas or GEDs – a requirement of Pell grants that help those pursuing post-high school education cover their school expenses for tuition and other fees.

Research is imperative when checking out schools. It’s not even just about accreditation anymore – USA Beauty School is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences (NACCAS). What you need to do is visit the school, talk to school officials and current students, and see what else you can find out about a school that you may not have heard of before. Reputation is imperative and if you hear something negative (and I’m not talking about the normal complaints people have), then you should probably go with your instincts. Becoming educated before you actually receive your education is one of the first important steps on the school hunt. Don’t put yourself in a precarious situation that may end up costing you in the end.

Start your research today.

-Amanda Fornecker

A Spin on a Traditional Spa Career

I was walking through a Virginia mall this weekend and passed by the cutest thing ever. It was a kids’ spa party! The little girls had their hair in plastic shower caps and were wearing robes and flip flops. They were seated at a counter getting their manicures, while some of their other friends were getting their pedicures. Passersby watched the party, and I, for one, thought it was the best party idea ever, rivaling my hair birthday party in the first grade.

I think this is just another interesting place your spa career can take you. Just because you receive your spa certification, doesn’t mean you have to go straight to a typical salon and spa and massage clients in the traditional way that comes to mind. If you love kids and have some sort of beauty or spa certification then you can certainly find a way to marry your two passions into one career. The possibilities are open. And if you have an idea for a career that doesn’t exist, well maybe you can look into starting your very own business. You may need to take a few business courses or partner up with someone who is looking to start a business, but it might be well worth it.

Earning your spa degree is just a first step into being successful. Where you continue once you’ve flipped your tassel, is your choice. Could working at a kids’ day spa be for you? Only you will know the answer to that question. So begin your spa schooling today and work toward a career that will help you help even the smallest spa-goers happy.

-Amanda Fornecker

Spa and Beauty School Options

Since it is a new year, it might be beneficial to think about what you want to do for yourself this year. And perhaps that includes going to school. Whether you’ve recently been in school or haven’t seen a book for years and years, the following information may prove helpful in making your final decision to embark upon a new lifeā€¦

In How to Choose a Cosmetology School, we break down the ins and outs of programs, what to look for, and how to find just the right cosmetology to suit your interests.

You’ve probably gotten your nails done at one time or another. With the right license and nail technician education, you can be successful at a job that helps others feel great about themselves. See the Top 10 Reasons to Go to Nail School.

Barbers don’t just work with trimming the hair of men, you know. In fact, some women go to barber shops to get their beauty services. No matter who you are working with in your barber shop, you’ll first need to Go Old-School at Barber School.

Finally, if you’ve been thinking about helping others through massage, you may find your calling at massage schools. It may seem like a long road, but it really is a great way to embark on a new career. Stay calm and Relieve Stress at Massage Schools.

Good luck in your search!

-Amanda Fornecker

Spa School Searchin’

Thinking about spa school? That’s pretty much what we do here at SpaBeautySchools all the time! Let us help you take the guesswork out of it and get you started. Here are a few selected spa schools you may be interested in checking out. You should also check out our Facebook Fan Page for more school suggestions! Become our fan and follow us on Twitter – we’re all up on the technology (and the great spa schools)! Good luck in your search!

Academy of Massage Therapy – You can become an expert massage practitioner with a healing arts education. It’s located in Hackensack, New Jersey, and is a great place to begin your journey in becoming a certified massage therapist or certified clinical massage therapist.

American Institute of Holistic Theology – Located in the South, this holistic theology school offers preparation for a variety of spa careers to its students. By combining knowledge in metaphysics, divinity, parapsychic science, and more, spa students at this school get to learn a great deal about the holistic field.

Clayton College – For a spa school with a diverse curriculum and distance learning education opportunities, Clayton College can certainly give you what you need for your impending spa career. With iridology, herbal studies, naturopathy, and other natural health subjects, Clayton College provides many options.

Northern Arizona Massage Therapy Institute – NAMTI, as the Northern Arizona Massage Therapy Institute is better known, is a well-known massage therapy school. Providing training in massage an bodywork, NAMTI has been around for a while and is accredited to provide students with their massage therapy degrees.

Ohio College of Massotherapy – Massage therapy is a career that can help a lot of different people feel good about themselves. The Ohio College of Massotherapy provides students with a massage education that will lead to diplomas and degrees. In fact, there’s even an online associate degree program for massage therapy, giving you many different options to pursue your massage education.

-Amanda Fornecker