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Spa School Searchin’

Thinking about spa school? That’s pretty much what we do here at SpaBeautySchools all the time! Let us help you take the guesswork out of it and get you started. Here are a few selected spa schools you may be interested in checking out. You should also check out our Facebook Fan Page for more school suggestions! Become our fan and follow us on Twitter – we’re all up on the technology (and the great spa schools)! Good luck in your search!

Academy of Massage Therapy – You can become an expert massage practitioner with a healing arts education. It’s located in Hackensack, New Jersey, and is a great place to begin your journey in becoming a certified massage therapist or certified clinical massage therapist.

American Institute of Holistic Theology – Located in the South, this holistic theology school offers preparation for a variety of spa careers to its students. By combining knowledge in metaphysics, divinity, parapsychic science, and more, spa students at this school get to learn a great deal about the holistic field.

Clayton College – For a spa school with a diverse curriculum and distance learning education opportunities, Clayton College can certainly give you what you need for your impending spa career. With iridology, herbal studies, naturopathy, and other natural health subjects, Clayton College provides many options.

Northern Arizona Massage Therapy Institute – NAMTI, as the Northern Arizona Massage Therapy Institute is better known, is a well-known massage therapy school. Providing training in massage an bodywork, NAMTI has been around for a while and is accredited to provide students with their massage therapy degrees.

Ohio College of Massotherapy – Massage therapy is a career that can help a lot of different people feel good about themselves. The Ohio College of Massotherapy provides students with a massage education that will lead to diplomas and degrees. In fact, there’s even an online associate degree program for massage therapy, giving you many different options to pursue your massage education.

-Amanda Fornecker

The First Freshening Facial (The Sequel)

Back with my facial experience and — it was fabulous! I had a relaxing encounter and really learned a lot. She picked at my face a bit (I know, sounds gross and painful but it’s worth it – promise!), put a few different masks and gels on my face, gave me a scalp, neck, and upper back massage, and even tweezed my eyebrows for me! It was quite lovely and lasted about 90 minutes. I was very relaxed and happy. Although, it probably wasn’t the most budget-friendly activity I’ve done recently, but I think it was totally worth it. Every now and then a girl needs to splurge, right?

In any case, I’ll be passing my new found knowledge on to you:

This is the essence of all things; the basis of life. I decided to drink four bottles of water yesterday at work. I kept filling up. I guess I just was preparing for the facial in some way. But I must get into more of a habit with this, especially since my esthetician reiterated the importance of drinking water religiously. Take this example I recently read: a grape that doesn’t have enough moisture (aka water) will shrivel up and turn into a raisin. If you don’t drink enough water, think of what will happen to your face in later years…

On a cold morning, it’s easy to hop in the hot shower and wash your face with some scalding goodness. But it’s no good for your face! Anytime you wash your face (I’m supposed to do it day and night) you should use cool or lukewarm water, otherwise you risk breaking blood vessels in your face (ick!). And although it may not be visible, you could be doing damage without even knowing it.

I stopped using toner a long time ago because I didn’t think it was doing anything for me. In fact I thought it was making me break out. I think where I went wrong was the choice of toner I made. I believe that the one I had picked way back when (I can’t even remember which) was high in alcohol. This can clog your pores. Toner apparently helps your face not overproduce oil. With the continued use of toner, I will be able to use less moisturizer because my face won’t need as much just after I’ve cleansed.

Apparently, you are what you eat. My esthetician told me that if you eat an excess of chocolate or drink a lot of caffeine, it can affect your face negatively. I had always thought this was a myth but it’s true! And guess who drinks coffee every single day? Of course I do. So what’s the solution? Wean myself off the stuff and get headaches a lot? Or keep up with the addiction. I probably should kick the habit, knowing it’s affecting my skin. We shall see…

You’d think because I’m so beauty-obsessed I’d have a product on-hand to zap those zits. But I don’t. The best kind to get, according to my oh-so-marvelous esthetician, is one that has tea tree oil in it. When you get a zit (or even when you feel one coming on), just apply your zit-zapping product with a Q-tip and your healing time will certainly speed up!

In a nutshell: drink more water, use lukewarm or cool splashes of water, use toner, cut out the caffeine, and get some tea tree oil! And, of course, get a facial if you can!!

-Amanda Fornecker

The First Freshening Facial (I hope!)

I’m going for my first facial today. You’d think that being as beauty-obsessed as I am, I would have had this experience before. But no, I have always been scared to do this because my skin is on the sensitive side.

So what changed my mind, you ask? Well, I decided it would be beneficial to really have a professional look at my face and decide what needed to be done. I get acne still every so often and it’s so frustrating! I’m not a teenager anymore and I’m praying that I don’t have adult acne – it’s just so inconvenient!

I have scheduled a 90-minute session with an esthetician a friend recommended. This was the standard for first-timers. In fact speaking to this friend got me really into wanting to go through with this. I hear this girl is really good and will really do what I need. Hopefully she can clean me up and help me feel refreshed! And in the future I can get some further fixes for redness in my face and leftover acne scars.

I don’t really know what to expect. I’ve heard girls come out and say they had a great experience and others – not so much. Will my face reject this treatment? Will I be red or blotchy? Will my skin be flaky tomorrow, despite my very oily skin type? Will she make extractions, but leave holes in my face? I really hope not. These are all the negative things I’m hoping won’t happen, especially since I have an event to go to on Friday!

I will certainly keep you posted and let you know if the experience is worth it or not! I hope it is!

-Amanda Fornecker

A Slithery Spa Massage

I’ll present you with a spooky Halloween-like story. But it will only spook you if you have ophidiophobia – a fear of snakes, that is.

It seems that in Israel, there is a spa that gives massages using snakes. It all started because the owner, Ada Barak, had a farm, where she’d showcase all her best plants, that ate many different living things, like insects, reptiles, and small mammals. At the end of this showcase, she gave her guests a small snake to hold. Many of these people felt that the snakes were soothing because of their cool bodies and slithering ways.

And so was born the idea for a snake massage. Using non-venomous king and cobra snakes, the weight of the snakes and slithering of some other small snakes provides a great, relaxing massage. But I don’t think I could sit there calmly as reptiles wriggled away on my body. And I certainly could not pay at least $80 for what seems to me to be a non-luxury.

But it is interesting how things come about and what kinds of holistic practices exist out there. It may be a great thing for some, but I just could not bring myself to get a snake spa massage. Could you?

Read up some more about this crazy spa treat? Or maybe it’s just a trick?! Happy Halloween!

-Amanda Fornecker

Photo: Uriel Sinai / Getty for TIME

Taking a “Staycation” at the Spa

It’s late July and I have nowhere to go. No exotic destinations or vacation plans of any kind.

It’s certainly not for lack of trying. I went into uber-planning mode last fall, rounding up family and friends to convince them to commit to a summer getaway. Unfortunately, my powers of persuasion failed, which is why I’m sitting at my computer in late July watching others pack up their cars while mine is permanently parked at the curb.

Trying to overcome my stuck-at-home depression, I came across the notion of a “staycation.” Am I the only one who’d never heard of this before?

Essentially, a staycation refers to a “vacation” where you “stay” at home. At first, that didn’t sound like much of a vacation to me. Then I looked into it some more. The price of gas is out of control, and I drive an SUV (only because I think it’s more economical to run my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee to the ground than to drop a few grand on a new car). The cost of groceries is on the rise as well, but my home pantry is already pretty well stocked. Taking a trip could end up costing more than I’d bargained for.

Still, I want to feel like I went somewhere this summer besides my front porch. And here’s where the spa industry comes in, having once again found a way to turn a run-of-the-mill time into a terrific opportunity to meet consumer needs. Apparently, I’m not the only one longing to get away, if only for a day or even just a few hours.

According to the annual survey conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), 22 percent of people surveyed say that they use massage to relax. Plus, massage therapy can also reduce stress and improve overall health. Eighty-seven percent of people surveyed agree that massage can be effective in reducing pain, and 85 percent agree that massage can be beneficial to health and wellness.

So spa professionals are ingeniously marketing their services toward worn-out people like me who need a break but can’t go very far. After all, a professional massage at a day spa provides the perfect getaway. Heck, I can even request an ocean waves soundtrack to accompany my massage experience.

In the end, the staycation is an excellent way for spa pros to keep busy and for bleary-eyed workers to chill. Maybe I’ll get away this summer after all.

-Robyn Tellefsen