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Want to pinpoint the perfect career? Discover acupuncture. The practice of acupuncture involves a complex system of patient observation, questioning, and palpation with the goal of restoring or maintaining optimum health, improving physiological function, and relieving pain. That's because, according to Oriental medicine, circulation and balance of energy are fundamental to well-being. In order to become an acupuncturist, you'll need to earn a degree or diploma through an accredited acupuncture program. Currently, the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine lists over 50 schools and colleges with accredited or candidacy status. Once you've been trained, it's time to become a certified acupuncturist and get your license. The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine offers certification exams, which cover acupuncture, biomedicine, Oriental medicine, point location, and Chinese herbology.

Get Detailed Info About Specific Fields in Programs

  • Acupuncture Schools

    In an acupuncture degree or certificate program, you can secure a promising future. Find out about acupuncture colleges near you, then pursue an acupuncture education and reach your goals.
  • Acupuncture Certification

    Perhaps you've always wanted to help people achieve optimal health, find relief from pain, or improve their overall wellness, but not in the traditional way. If a career as an acupuncturist interests you, look into obtaining your acupuncture certification.
  • Acupuncture Classes

    The range of classes available to students of acupuncture runs the gamut from Chinese herbology to acupressure.
  • Acupuncture College

    If you are intrigued by ancient Chinese medical practices and their proven track record of improved wellness, with the right degree from an acupuncture college, an exciting career in the blossoming field of acupuncture may suit you.
  • Acupuncture Courses

    Fulfilling the required acupuncture courses at an accredited institution will move you further along the path to achieving acupuncture certification and licensure to practice.
  • Acupuncture Employment

    If you are seeking acupuncture employment, you've chosen a career that is in high demand; many opportunities are available for certified acupuncturists.
  • Acupuncture Licensure Requirements

    The path to licensure for an aspiring acupuncturist may vary slightly from state to state, however, all who wish to practice acupuncture must meet the acupuncture license requirements outlined by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).
  • Acupuncture Training and Accreditation

    Key steps on the path to becoming a licensed acupuncturist include training and accreditation.
  • Acupuncture Studies

    A diverse array of subjects are available to students enrolled in acupuncture studies. From breathing exercises to heat therapy techniques to biology, accredited acupuncture schools will prepare students to be well-versed in all things acupuncture.
  • Acupuncture Jobs

    Learn more about acupuncture jobs, find an acupuncture school, and get info about locations, degrees, financial aid, and more.
  • Acupuncture License

    Looking to start a new career in acupuncture? Find acupuncture training schools near you and begin building your skills with a degree or certificate program in acupuncture.
  • Acupuncture Schools

    Most forms of alternative medicine have grown in the United States, including acupuncture, now a popular field of study and career choice for many.
  • Acupuncture Training

    Get info about acupuncture training in your area and find acupuncture training schools that match your needs, fit your schedule, and offer financial aid.
  • Acupuncturist

    Explore degree and certificate programs as an acupuncturist, and launch an exciting career. Find acupuncturist schools near you that match your educational and financial needs.
  • Chinese Medicine School

    Find your "qi" at Chinese medicine school and approach health care holistically.
  • Equine Acupuncture Training

    Combine your love of horses with a desire for their holistic wellness with equine acupuncture training.
  • Online Acupuncture College

    In the West, acupuncture is one of the more widely accepted alternative treatments in holistic medicine-and that's a great reason to start a healthy new career with a degree from an online acupuncture college.
  • Change Your Life with Holistic Nutrition

    In a holistic nutrition degree or certificate program, you can secure a promising future. Find out about holistic nutrition colleges near you, then pursue a holistic nutrition education and reach your goals.
  • Acupuncture Degrees

    Acupuncturists are in demand as more and more people look towards this ancient Chinese treatment, which is a great reason for you to consider an acupuncture degree.
  • Pinpoint How to Become an Acupuncturist

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  • The Healing Art of Acupressure

    Acupressure is known to promote stress reduction, improve circulation, relax the body, and strengthen the immune system. Learn more at acupressure schools.

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