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Some people swear by hypnotism as an effective therapy that helped them cope with something, overcome an addiction, or reduce stress. With a hypnotism or hypnotherapy program of study, you can learn to empower others get in touch with their innermost self, and live a better life.

In fact, many psychologists utilize hypnosis in their sessions to help patients get to the root of their problems. If you choose to study hypnotism, you'll learn how to harness the power of suggestion, how to practice hynosis in a legal and ethical way, and how to effect positive change and transformation for your clients.

To become a practicing hypnotherapist, you may be required to earn a license in your state.

Get Detailed Info About Specific Fields in Programs

  • How to Become a Hypnotherapist

    Follow these steps to become a trained and licensed hypnotherapist.
  • Hypnosis Degree

    Get your hypnosis degree and put others under your spell to achieve their wellness goals.
  • Hypnotherapy Course

    Hypnotherapy courses prepare you for a career as a hypnotist. Find the certification or degree programs near you.
  • Hypnotist Jobs

    Check out hypnotist certification opportunities in your area and get started in a career that puts you under its spell.
  • Study Hypnosis

    Study hypnosis to achieve hypnotherapist certification.
  • How to Become a Hypnotist

    Find hypnotist schools near you that offer the training you need to succeed. Learn about hypnotist degree and certification programs, locations, financial aid, etc.
  • Hypnotherapy Jobs

    Explore degree and certificate programs in hypnotherapy, and launch an exciting career. Find hypnotherapy schools near you that match your educational and financial needs.
  • Learning Hypnosis

    Browse hypnosis schools in your area and discover how a hypnosis program of study can ensure career success. Get info about how to apply, financial aid, etc.

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