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Herbal Medicine

As alternative medicine becomes more mainstream, many people are turning to herbal medicine solutions to improve their health and wellness. As such, herbal medicine practitioners are meeting the demand for those seeking expert guidance on their herbal regimen.

Many herbal medicine programs of study focus on traditional Chinese medicine, as well as ayurvedic medicine, botany, medicinal plants, and more. Coursework often leads to an herbal medicine certification, which opens up many career avenues.

Certified herbal medicine therapists can choose to work as holistic health practitioners or specialize in traditional Chinese medicine or other areas.

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  • Alternative Medicine Careers

    From reiki to acupuncture, alternative medicine careers are increasing in popularity among young professionals or those seeking to explore a new avenue in the health care industry.
  • Herbal College

    Find an herbal college near you that offers the training you need to succeed. Learn about herbal college degree and certification programs, locations, financial aid, etc.
  • Herbal Medicine Schools

    Explore degree and certificate programs in herbal medicine, and launch an exciting career.
  • Herbalist

    Looking to start a new career as an herbalist? Begin by building your skills with a degree or certificate program in herbology. Find herbalist training schools near you.
  • How to Become an Herbalist

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