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Metaphysics is a division of philosophy concerned with the fundamental nature of reality and being. Those who complete a metaphysics program of study will become skilled in hands-on healing arts, to help restore the natural flow of energy essential to health and healing.

Metaphysics coursework -- which sometimes encompasses divinity studies -- may cover modeling techniques, hypnotic and persuasive language patterns, energetic healing techniques, and sleight of mouth patterns. No matter the subcategory, be prepared to explore new ways of thinking about the spirituality and complexity of life beyond the physical.

Graduates of metaphysics programs continue on as healers, coaches, communicators, guides, and teachers.

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  • Metaphysical Studies

    Do you live a spiritual life in which you share peace and understanding with others? Then take your spirituality to the next level by pursuing a degree in metaphysical studies.
  • Learning Metaphysics

    Learning metaphysics is a great career path if you want to help others achieve health and wellness. Find a degree program that suits your needs today!
  • Metaphysical Colleges

    Find metaphysical colleges that offer the training and education to help you launch your career in metaphysics.
  • Metaphysical Careers

    With the increasing popularity of holistic health care and alternative medicine, metaphysical careers are also gaining ground. Find out what kind of education and certification are required to land a job in this field.
  • School of Metaphysics

    In a school of metaphysics degree or certificate program, you can secure a promising future. Find out about school of metaphysics colleges near you to reach your goals.

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