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Reflexology is based on the theory that all body function and overall well being correlates to the zones of the feet, hands and ears. Students who take courses in reflexogy will learn how to improve physiological health and reduce stress in patients by incorporating thumb, finger and hand methods.

Often, reflexology is studied as part of a comprehensive holistic healing program that may focus on various massage therapy techniques. Professionals who can practice reflexology as part of their suite of services can set themselves apart and build a larger base of clients.

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  • Reflexology Training

    Reflexology has been around for years. An ancient Egyptian technique, reflexology is a natural healing technique that focuses on the pressure points of the feet in order to promote good health. With reflexology training, you can be a part of helping others feel better naturally when you earn your reflexology certificate.
  • Reflexology

    Start a rewarding career in reflexology today.
  • Reflexology Certification

    Getting your reflexology certification will get you closer to a career in reflexology.

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